The great news is that because Jesus has forgiven us on the cross through his death and resurrection, we can forgive others and ask for forgiveness. Therefore, I enthusiastically apologize to David Horowitz for missing one of the points of his article, which seemed to criticize the biblical Christian view that strongly opposes homosexuality.

As he says in a rejoinder to my WND article, “in a recent article, I took some conservative Christian leaders to task for threatening to bolt the Republican ranks unless the chairman of the Republican National Committee condemned homosexuality and agreed not to speak before homosexual groups.” David better than I knows what his intent was.

However, there is a bigger issue here, and that is the issue that I don’t think David understands or addresses, which is that believing Christians believe Jesus is the Lord of all life, and all authority in Heaven and on Earth has been given to Him. Therefore, we are called not just to live out our Christian lives in our prayer closets, while conforming to the world of politics, entertainment and other spheres of influence outside of our religious places, as David suggests, but we are called to live out our Christian theology in every area of life. Thus, the church has always seen our political and professional lives as sacred, whether it’s writing articles or running countries.

David recently wrote an article complaining about comedian Al Franken’s best-selling book accusing conservatives of being lying liars. For some time, David has urged Christians to keep the world of politics and religion separate. In his article directed at my commentary, “Beware the Bigoted Kibitzers,” he says: “In religion, the goal is salvation. … Politics, on the other hand, is about getting into office. You make pacts with the devil all the time.”

Christians who believe in the Lordship of Christ cannot accept this double-minded dichotomy. In fact, one of the pacts with the devil we should never make is lying. After all, the same passage in Revelation that says homosexuals will not get into the Kingdom of God also says liars will not get into the Kingdom of God.

David proposes a political activism where the end justifies the means. For a Christian, the “means” must always be as exemplary as the end. Of course, this is not to say that we don’t all make mistakes and deserve to be forgiven and forgive, but, it is to say that everything we do in life – including our political and sexual activities – falls under the Lordship of Christ and is a matter of theology. Interestingly enough, this should also be a matter of theology for Jews as well as Christians, since the Mosaic Law covers every area of life.

Be that as it may, the reason Al Franken can have a best-selling book calling conservatives liars is because we have abandoned biblical theology for the flawed theology of pragmatism. When David tells us not to mix religion with politics, he is lecturing Christians on their theology, and he is ignoring the clear theology expressed by God, Moses and the Hebrew prophets in the Old Testament!

All Christians and Jews, therefore, should stand resolutely against the politics of conforming to the ways of the liberals, atheists, radical feminists and homosexual activists. To give in to them and their perverted agenda is worse than political pragmatism, it is an abject surrender and an utter retreat.

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