What is the source of America’s strength?

Some say it is our diversity.

Some say it is our political system.

Some say it is our military power.

Some say it is our industry.

Some say it is our natural resources.

Some say it is our Constitution.

I say they’re all wrong.

The strength of America comes from the spirit of God that still resides in its people.

But the vestiges of that spirit are waning. They are under ceaseless attack. Those who try to demonstrate the importance of that spirit are ridiculed and persecuted. Those who try even to remind the people from where that strength comes are humiliated and degraded.

If you would like to know what the Bible says about America, I suggest you read Judges 13-16 – the story of Samson.

Here was a mighty man of God – a superman analogous to the superpower America has become.

It wasn’t Samson’s hair that made him strong. It was the spirit of God. That spirit departed from him when his hair was cut. Like Samson, who was endowed by God from before his birth, America was endowed by its Creator. Samson was a liberator. So is Uncle Sam. Samson was the defender of ancient Israel. Uncle Sam is the only true defender of modern Israel. Like Samson, Uncle Sam trusts his might more than he trusts God.

Samson flirted with his enemy, the Philistines. Uncle Sam is flirting with the Palestinians, the Roman name for the Philistines. Samson was undone by his own lusts. Uncle Sam, many believe, is being seduced by his own lusts. Samson underestimated the wiles of his enemy, as some have suggested Uncle Sam is doing today. Samson revealed his own weakness and vulnerability to the enemy because of that lust. Some suggest Uncle Sam has made similar mistakes because of his own greed.

Ironically – and perhaps metaphorically – Samson pulled down two large pillars to destroy 3,000 Philistines. On Sept. 11, 2001, two large pillars were knocked down by America’s enemies destroying 3,000 Americans.

Samson was the judge of Israel for 20 years, the Bible tells us. Uncle Sam has been the judge of Israel for at least the last 10 – since the signing of the Oslo Accords.

Now, whether you see this Bible story as prophetic or not, I believe there is a strong lesson in these four chapters for America.

The lesson is simple: America, do not forget God. Do not forget from where your strength comes. Do not forget you were endowed by your Creator. Do not forget what makes you different, what makes you great.

America is definitely in danger of making that mistake.

We see it in our hyper-secularism. We see it in our desire to be like other nations. We see it in the compromises we make with global governance. We see it in the acceptance of attacks on the church. We see it in our willingness to put aside tributes to God in the Pledge of Allegiance and public displays of the Ten Commandments. We see it in the way we defy God’s laws. We see it in the way we forsake God’s blessings. We see it in the cavalier attitude we have toward the sanctity of life. We see it in our collective adultery and covetousness. We see it in our moves, as Israel’s judge, to sell the Jewish state down the river.

Samson was powerful, indeed. But he was arrogant.

Only twice in his life is there any record of him acknowledging God – once when he was dying of thirst and God provided him water miraculously in the jawbone of the ass he had used to slay 1,000 Philistines, and again on the day of his suicidal triumph over his enemies.

Let’s hope America doesn’t wait until it is on its deathbed as a nation to reclaim its unique place in history as the only nation founded on a biblical creed. Let’s hope America doesn’t wait until it is defeated to recognize from where its power really comes.

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