There are two things in abundant supply along the U.S. Southwest border – tinhorn politicians and illegal immigrants. The two are mutually inclusive as one group could not survive without the other. Illegal immigrants need sympathetic (pathetic?) tinhorn politicians to continue invading U.S. turf with impunity. Tinhorns need the hordes of illegal aliens to keep their power.

There is a lunacy that comes with this equation. Under the guise of “diversity,” the tinhorns pride themselves on looking the other way when someone is stealing the apples from the trees of constituents. The lunacy is invoked when you consider the continued acquiescence to the tinhorns, all of whom are working feverishly to deny we the people basic rights our forefathers fought, bled and died to preserve for us.

To wit, earlier this week in southern Arizona, private security group Ranch Rescue, coupled with a team of volunteers from Missouri, deployed to a ranch near Douglas, in an effort to rid the property of criminal invaders.

Such rugged individualism is anathema to the tinhorn, who is used to being relied upon. But in a growing number of frustrated Americans, the tinhorn is no longer the solution to problems but the impediment to getting them solved.

This fact is epitomized in chief tinhorn of the week, Mayor Ray Borane, master of Douglas, Ariz., and a study in cowardice and lunacy. To him, protecting yourself, your stuff and your family is little more than an exercise in extreme racism. And you, of course, have no right to do so.

In whining about Ranch Rescue’s presence along the border, Borane told the Arizona Daily Star the group does nothing but “symbolize adversity … I know what they say they’re doing, but I know what’s prompted their presence here. They represent a faction that considers it acceptable to take matters into their own hands. Ultimately there’s going to be a problem between those people and the people they say they’re there to confront.”

Flash to Borane: There already is a “problem” between Americans living along the border and the invading hordes of illegal aliens trampling them underfoot. But it’s a problem some Americans are trying to solve the best way the can, the best way they know how.

If there is “adversity” along the border, it isn’t being caused by ordinary Americans. It’s being caused by tinhorn politicians who refuse to take the side of their brothers, neighbors and countrymen in this ongoing struggle to bring some sanity back to the border regions.

Borane and the rest of the lunatics manning the Douglas asylum “represent a faction that considers it acceptable” to shirk their duty to serve and protect the people who really do belong on this side of the Rio Grande.

But then, that is why people like Borane are never on the front lines of conflict, so to speak. They don’t understand what it takes to defend and protect a great nation. Yet they don’t mind mimicking the invading hordes – taking what others have provided without giving back in return.

Indeed there are armed factions along the U.S.-Mexico border. But very few of them are so-called “border vigilantes.” Rather, they are drug runners, people smugglers and rogue elements of Mexican police and military, and they have harassed, shot and killed American civilians and law enforcement in increasing numbers for more than a decade. To this threat, the tinhorns believe Americans living along the border should withdraw, yield and whimper for mercy in the dark.

America is a shining beacon of hope to tens of millions from around the world. But America, try as it might, cannot provide this hope to everyone who needs it. That isn’t racist, nativist, extremist or any other “-ist” – it is simply a fact. And having said that, some of the same tinhorns who weep for the great unwashed masses of illegals haven’t done diddly squat for the poor and impoverished Americans in their own communities.

But ours is not a nation that expects someone else to take care of us. We’re a nation of people who expect tinhorns to get out of our way so we can provide for ourselves and, if we have a little left over, for other souls in need.

The promise of a better life should not come at the expense of those who are providing it. If Americans must sacrifice to secure our borders, let us sacrifice the tinhorns.

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