The Supreme Court of Massachusetts has opened the door for homosexual marriage in that state. Let me explain why, specifically as a black conservative, this development deeply concerns me.

Sean Hannity asked me a great question in an interview about my new book, “Uncle Sam’s Plantation.” Why, he asked me, have I made the issue of big government an issue of race? Isn’t the problem of excessive government something that affects us all?

The answer, of course, is yes. However, as a black American, my imperative is to focus on how the politicization of America has uniquely impacted and hurt my own community. The homosexual agenda is a double-edged sword. It is wrong and destructive in itself and it is symptomatic of a deeper fundamental problem of the politicization of all aspects of American life. This politicization has had a uniquely deep and destructive influence in America’s black community.

What I am calling politicization is a process whereby our most fundamental traditions and beliefs become fodder for our legislatures and courts. This is the game of liberals. Hide any political agenda behind claims of victimization and rights violations and go to government for redress.

Martin Luther King, leading the civil-rights movement in the ’60s, appealed to the American nation to return to the core truths and values embodied in our Declaration of Independence. The rights that blacks sought then were not some new political agenda. Dr. King reminded Americans of their own faith and the eternal truths that hold this country together – that all men are created equal and that we are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights. The civil-rights movement did not challenge our beliefs as a nation. It was a movement to call a nation to task that strayed from its own ideals.

The “gay” movement would like to present itself as the latest chapter in the civil-rights movement. But it is quite the opposite. Homosexuals are not pushing this nation to return to eternal truths from which it has strayed. They are pushing us to deny that there are eternal truths and to move in the direction of a world where we make up the rules as we go along. Such a world is, of course, a world defined ultimately by politics and power.

Such a political world, where truths and principles are gone, and where we think the world is defined by government, defines the welfare state. This has devastated the black community. Confused liberals and left-wing politicos have all but obliterated any sense in our nation’s inner cities that there are any eternal truths that guide our lives. After almost a half century of indoctrination that human suffering is the result of the absence of government programs, the black family is in shambles. As result of years of preaching the politics of victimization to the black community, the understanding of personal responsibility as a condition for freedom has been lost.

This is why where things are going in Massachusetts bothers me both as an American and specifically as a black American. As things stand now, poor black children, largely from broken families, are forced to sit every day in politically correct public schools where they go through the motions of what we used to call education. Soon, in what will be called history, they will be taught what Americans used to call family and marriage.

No way. Blacks will be free. And we will do it the only way freedom can be achieved. By returning to the truths of family, faith and tradition under the protection of the Constitution of our great country.

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