Like many of you, I’ve been pretty frustrated with the way our courts have been using our Constitution as toilet paper this year. In legislating from the bench, arrogant judges have decided to impose homosexual marriage and abolish states’ rights. The U.S. Supreme Court has even admitted looking to Europe for guidance rather than relying solely on the Constitution as they are required to do by law.

In the case of Judge Roy Moore, the irony of it all just smacks you in the face. A federal judge broke the law in requiring Moore to remove the Ten Commandments. The Supreme Court refused to take the case, conveniently ignoring the Ten Commandments plastered on their own building. Fellow Alabama judges then ousted Moore from his duly elected position as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for failing to obey the unlawful order of the federal judge.

Got all that?

It stinks. Our judges are out of control.

Want to do something about it instead of just feeling frustrated?

I recently learned that rallies at all 50 state capitols are being organized for this Saturday, Nov. 22, at 1 p.m., to launch a petition drive seeking congressional limits on the federal courts in the area of religious matters.

The National Coalition to Restore the Constitution is launching the petition in the wake of numerous federal cases that have focused on prohibiting certain religious speech and activities, like the recent court case concerning Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. According to the NCRC, they are aiming to ignite a “grass-roots brush-fire” that will serve to secure religious liberty and speech for all Americans both in and out of the public sector.


According to NCRC spokesperson Debbie Hopper:


What we want is for the federal courts to stay within their constitutionally defined boundaries. The federal government is only allowed to exercise powers that are listed in the Constitution. Nowhere in the Constitution is the power to decide or legislate over matters of religion, religious speech or activity in the states delegated to the federal government.

This fact is further underscored by the straightforward wording of the First Amendment which prohibits Congress from making laws that in any way respect an establishment of religion and it is further banned from making laws that in any way prohibit the free exercise of religion.

The purpose of the First Amendment was to ban the federal government from intruding into areas of free speech and free exercise of religion. It most certainly was not intended to do the opposite, that is, making a central government the almighty regulator and enforcer of restrictions on speech and religious activity. That is why the First Amendment starts with “Congress shall make no law …”

This petition simply seeks what the Constitution already demands, but which is being grossly violated. The federal government needs to get out of the business of illicitly regulating religious speech and deciding religious issues and to allow these important matters to be dealt with in more local jurisdictions, closer to the people where they truly belong.

The Constitution assigns the responsibility of limiting and regulating the jurisdiction of the federal courts to Congress. What we are demanding is that Congress honor its oath and do its duty by passing legislation that stops the federal courts from taking cases that would restrict or regulate religious speech or activity if ruled upon. Faith and religious freedom have always been indispensable pillars of support to our nation’s true greatness, for this reason it is vital that we protect them from tyranny.

The grass-roots effort to restore constitutional government is only in the early phases and needs every citizen’s support. Some events may have 50 concerned citizens; others may have hundreds. The number of people attending an event is not the most important thing; that the petition drive gets started is.

We are coming up on Thanksgiving, a holiday that celebrates Thanksgiving to God for his bountiful blessings upon our nation. We encourage every American who cares about this issue to come out on Saturday to be the first to sign the petition that will ask our representatives to protect faith and freedom in our nation. What better “holiday gift” could we give to our nation and to our children than to do our part in securing the future of religious freedom in this country?


I plan to be at my state capitol in two days. I hope you will be at yours, too. This is much too important to ignore, folks.


For more information: Visit the NCRC national website or call 636-861-7052.


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