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Like drug pushers hanging out on the school house steps, Internet pornographers are doing their best to get kids hooked on porn as early as possible.

Sexual deviancy is big business and it’s booming nowhere bigger than on the Internet. However, don’t expect sex businesses to act with integrity or morals. In this industry, anything goes.

When my family travels, we like to visit science museums. I was recently researching possible stops for a new city we’d be visiting. One museum’s web site included links to other science museums around the country. However, when I clicked on the link to a museum, I was in for a rude surprise. Instead of learning about exhibits, my senses were flooded with exhibitionists – half nude women, nude women, and couples in some state of embrace. What is going on here?

I did a little more research and I think I have it figured out. The museum still operates a legitimate website at www.museumname.com. (I’m leaving out the actual name of the museum so as to not further spoil its reputation and to avoid promoting a pornographic website.) However, it appears that the museum previously also used the address www.museumname.org. At some point in time, the museum decided to focus its Internet efforts on the dot com address and let the registration for the dot org address lapse. The enterprising sex business grabbed the opportunity, registered the domain and launched an online porn shop directly aimed at people looking for the science museum.

You may think I’m being overly harsh – maybe the porn business has a legitimate reason for using that address. For example, wouldn’t it be reasonable for an optometrist named Dr. Sears to desire the web address www.sears.com? Why should the huge retailer monopolize that moniker? Well, there are two huge problems with that line of thought in this current example. First, my cursory glance at the small amount of text on the pornographic website indicated no linkage at all to anything having to do with science or any other part of the museum’s name and thus the web address. Second of all, the dot org domain space was specifically created for organizations that don’t fit into other categories, such as non-profit organizations. Since this porn business is clearly operating as a business and for profit, it should be using the dot com or dot biz spaces, not dot org.

Well, why would a sex business want to be associated with a children’s science museum anyway? Kids don’t have money to spend on pornography. At least not yet. But, just like the pusher handing out “candy” to kids leaving school, if the pornographers can hook inquisitive kids at an early age, they’ll enjoy their revenue throughout adulthood.

And perhaps there’s more at stake here than just profitable business.

This is best (worst?) represented by an organization that goes by the acronym NAMBLA. That stands for North American Man/Boy Love Association. Yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. In his book Standing Tall, Steve Farrar quotes NAMBLA documentation to say “Sexual liberation cannot be achieved without the liberation of children. This means many things. Children need to gain control over their lives, a control which they are denied on all sides.” He quotes the same document as saying “NAMBLA takes the view that sex is good, and that homosexuality is good not only for adults, but for young people as well. We [NAMBLA] support all consensual sexual relationships regardless of age. As long as the relationship is mutually pleasurable and no one’s rights are violated, sex should be no one else’s business…”

Are you scared yet? You should be.

Stand ready to defend your children against these that pervert God’s righteous ways of creation and against the soft-minded lawyers and judges and teachers and politicians and entertainers who have been tricked into their way of thinking and who will try to convince you that there’s nothing wrong with any of this. Stand ready, for that day is coming.

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