Public-interest advocate Richard Ackerman is being brutally attacked by Planned Parenthood for filing suit against the pro-choice, pro-abortion chain of super clinics. The very court that he went to – seeking justice for the unprotected young people who foolishly turn to an organization that has made a huge business killing unborn babies – could become a willing partner in the attempted destruction of Mr. Ackerman.

San Diego Superior Court Judge Kevin A. Enright threw out two counts of Ackerman’s 15-count lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Federation of America and two Southern California Planned Parenthood organizations. It is reported that the court never reviewed Ackerman’s reams of evidence that he says support his charges.

Former American Civil Liberties Union attack dog, Planned Parenthood lawyer James McElroy immediately asked the judge for $30,000 in sanctions against Ackerman, fines Ackerman said would bankrupt his family. In a previous case, Judge Enright found in favor of McElroy and Planned Parenthood, leveling $60,000 in sanctions against U.S. Justice Foundation, Ackerman’s previous public-interest firm. (Details in Art Moore’s WND article of Oct. 16, 2003)

Rich Ackerman is a courageous, brilliant lawyer and selfless servant to those who can’t defend themselves. McElroy on the other hand appears to be hell bent on taking Ackerman down for personal and political and financial reasons, by attacking him personally and professionally in the media and in the courts and by attempting to financially break him and cause harm to his family. Add Judge Kevin Enright’s history of judgments in favor of McElroy and Planned Parenthood to the mix and it just doesn’t sound like justice is being done or even attempted by anyone but Rich Ackerman.

This is more than a legal battle. It is a battle in the war between good and evil. The protection of a high-stakes, huge, liberal abortion business vs. the protection of children – both unborn and those abused – is a massive breach of conscience.

When it appears a court throws out serious charges, seemingly capriciously and arbitrarily, it doesn’t feel like America anymore. When sanctions of huge proportions are charged against public-interest foundations and advocates as punishment for bringing legitimate serious concerns to that very court to be heard, we are not in America anymore. When judges sitting at the high seats of our system of jurisprudence can cozy up to one side because of their personal, political and cultural opinions, injustice is being served – intentionally and with malice.

Below is an update via an e-mail I received today from the United States Justice Foundation:

I regret to inform you that, on 12/5/03, a San Diego County Superior Court Judge awarded Planned Parenthood $15,000.00 in attorney fees against USJF, former USJF attorney Richard Ackerman, and myself. This was awarded as a result of a prior court order (from a different judge who has now, for undisclosed reasons, removed himself form the case) ruling that Planned Parenthood has no obligation to report the sexual molestation of children. The 12/5/03 ruling also opens the door for Planned Parenthood to seek additional attorney fees from USJF, Mr. Ackerman, and myself.

USJF has already filed an appeal of the first ruling, which dismissed part of our lawsuit against Planned Parenthood. However, unless the $15,000.00 is paid, or over $30,000.00 in collateral put up and bond fees paid, the attorneys for Planned Parenthood have already said that they plan to literally come in, take USJF’s computers and office furniture, and shut us down. They have been trying to do this for some time, but, unless we can come up with the money and/or the collateral, it looks like they will finally be successful. They will also be coming after me and Mr. Ackerman personally for the money, and neither of us can afford to pay this.

USJF has been fighting to protect the unborn, and to protect pro-life picketers in criminal prosecution and civil litigation, for over 20 years. We do not charge for our services and rely on tax deductible donations to pay our staff and to fund our work.

We now need the help of the pro-life community.

First, we need your prayer support. We have requested that the judge who issued the 12/5/03 order rescind his order, and he will rule on that request on 12/12/03. While it is unlikely that he will change his mind, with God, all things are possible.

Second, we need, immediately, the financial help of all who, after prayerful reflection, feel that it is appropriate to help USJF in this crisis. We expect that Planned Parenthood will move to execute against USJF, Mr. Ackerman, and myself within just a few days after the 12/12/03 hearing. We need to have the $15,000.00, or the over $30,000.00 in collateral and bond fees, no later than 12/15/03 if we are to keep open the doors of USJF.

Any help that any of you can provide to USJF will be greatly appreciated. Our telephone number, fax number, and address are below. Please contact me if you have any questions, and please circulate this to all of your contacts in the pro-life community.

In His name,

Gary Kreep

United States Justice Foundation

Gary G. Kreep, Esq.

Executive Director

2091 E. Valley Parkway, Suite 1-D

Escondido, CA 92027

Tel: (760) 741-8086

Fax: (760) 741-9548

Mr. McElroy, and Planned Parenthood as a whole may in fact believe their efforts each day are courageously protecting a woman’s right to do away with their unwanted, unborn children as well as the other “noble” services they provide. They may feel honestly that destroying a man who threatens them in any way is also a courageous thing to do.

Robert Ingersoll once said, “Courage without conscience is a wild beast.”

It appears to me that regardless of what is motivating Mr. McElroy and Planned Parenthood, Mr. Richard Ackerman is acting out of both Courage and Conscience.

Dave Forman is CEO of 4MN Television Productions, a contributor to WND and Talkers Magazine, former executive editor of KFWB News, CBS, Los Angeles, adviser to the Wall Street Journal and NBC News and producer-host of hundreds of television programs. He was also a candidate for U.S. Congress from Orange County, Calif.

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