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Christmas CD banned for mentioning Jesus

In a move that many might consider ironic at the least, a charity Christmas CD has been banned from distribution because it mentions the baby Jesus.

The decision by the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, Scotland, was instituted because of fears it could offend people who belong to a faith other than Christianity.

“We could not just hand out the CD,” a hospital spokeswoman told the Scotsman newspaper. “If it went to every child it could cause offense to those who are not Christian.”

Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh (The Scotsman)

Many see the measure as the latest attempt to “de-Christianize” Christmas, and at least one prominent Muslim leader in Scotland ridiculed the ban.

“If somebody doesn’t want to listen to this, they don’t have to. This is political correctness gone mad,” Bashir Maan told the Scotsman. “It is going too far and it is going to be counterproductive.

“This is Christmastime and the overwhelming majority of the people in this country are Christians. If people want to celebrate then they should have the right, as should minority groups. But if the freedom is only one-sided, then the majority will be offended.”

The artist who recorded the CD to raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care was equally shocked.

“To think that something as innocent as a Christmas CD could be considered offensive – I just can’t believe it,” said singer Jane Butters. “Ironically, they said it would be OK to hand out these CDs at their carol concert on Monday.”

A hospital spokeswoman told the paper: “We couldn’t just hand out this CD to everyone, but if people chose to go to a carol service, they could pick one up there.”

Just last month, the Scottish Parliament banned traditional Christmas cards due to similar fears of offending other religions. Officials said “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” could not appear on government cards, as the wording was not deemed to be “socially inclusive.”

As WorldNetDaily has reported, controversy over Christmas traditions in America has been growing in recent years, even to the point where some Christians say Jesus should not be included in any part of the celebration, due to purported pagan origins of the holiday.

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