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Islam's unholy alliance
with neo-Nazis, leftists

Editor’s note: Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin is a weekly online, subscription intelligence news service from the creator of WorldNetDaily.com – a journalist who has been developing sources around the world for the last 25 years.

Western-made terrorists motivated by Marxist, anarchist and neo-Nazi ideology are forming alliances with jihadists and are planning copycat-style attacks and others utilizing funding from Islamists, according to intelligence sources, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

While old-line non-Muslim terrorists seem to have been in hibernation, since Sept. 11, 2001, they are waking up to the need to act and the availability of funds from al-Qaida and other similar jihadist groups, according to the premium, online intelligence newsletter.

Danger spots were recently identified in Europe, Asia and North America. Recent assessments indicate that daily reports on the success of Islamic terror in disrupting normal life are creating an urge within the ranks of western terrorists to return to action.

Such groups dominated the terror scene in the 1960s and 1970s. The U.S.-led wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the resistance to globalization, xenophobic tendencies and anti-Semitism have all combined to pour oil on old flames, encouraging new alliances as a result.

Experts attempting to draft the profile of non-Islamic terrorism in the 21st century are turning their interest toward militant Muslims’ efforts to recruit terror contractors and to use the services of European terrorists and anarchists.

Intelligence sources say they expect the jihadists to sub-contract terrorist attacks to small cells of two to three people familiar with their modus operandi. These groups sometimes operate in gangs of more than 10 individuals. European-style terrorism differs from the Islamic jihad type in that it often targets individuals to be assassinated or kidnapped. It has also been marked by taking large groups of innocent hostages for negotiation purposes.

Jihad organizers are acquainted with the sleeper terror groups of Europe and North America, and they know these groups are in dire need of funds. These “underground” groups need to travel and change their identities frequently.

Sleeper terror groups are careful not to deal directly with money laundering, drug dealing or organized crime. This is due in part to ideological beliefs, but more because of the need to keep a low profile, away from the eyes of law enforcement agencies.

Interrogation of non-Muslim terrorists apprehended during the last two years in Europe and Asia, reveals a desire to become copy-cats of the Islamic jihad and a growing need to be placed once again on the international scene. Intelligence agencies are beginning to dust files of old-style terror organizations, which some agencies now describe as the “Red Jihad.”

Israeli, British, Turkish and Greek counter-terror experts, have warned of signs pointing to jihadi groups trying to establish contacts with European and American organizations. The technique of hiring terror services, or partnerships with other terror operators was once popular with the Palestinians. The results of these unholy unions in the past have been the Air France hijacking by a group of Arabs and Germans to Entebbe, Uganda, in 1976, the Lufthansa hijacking to Mogadishu in 1977, and the Japanese Red Army attack on Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv in 1972.

Al-Qaida, Jamaah Islamiah and Wahabbi groups see nothing wrong in using non-Muslims to further their cause. As the origin of most anti-terror activities focuses mainly on the Middle East and Asia, it is clear a western terrorist could be more successful in penetrating a number of security and defense circles. In cases of a precision attack against individuals or institutions, European or American Caucasian terrorists will be more successful in disappearing from the radar screen.

Over the years, scores of Europeans, Americans and Asians, have been trained in Arab terror bases in Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Iraq. A number of those were later involved in attacks on international air traveling, including airports.

Meanwhile, Marxist terror and guerrilla attacks in Latin America and Asia have never ended. A former supporter of international terrorism, Cuba’s Fidel Castro, is showing signs of re-involvement in regional violence, manifested through his support to Colombian terrorists and even connecting them to Irish bomb experts of the Irish Republican Army. Castro’s efforts also continue to target the cooperation of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela as part of his renewed plan to sway political alliances. Intelligence schools in North Korea were never closed and they continue to produce saboteurs and agents originating from many countries. The North Koreans may also return to the business of producing terrorists for hire, not unlike the way they handle their development of weapons of mass destruction.

Western intelligence services have identified a number of warning signs as they emerged following 9/11:

An Oregon based on-line paper, the Portland Independent Media Center, carried a headline on Dec. 1 calling readers “to send support letters for comrades facing trial in Egypt.” The drive is supported by the Socialist Arab Coalition in North America. On the day Saddam Hussein was captured the organization flashed an Iraqi Baath flag saying: “Resistance will continue until victory!” Articles and pictures do not disguise the potential of such support. Together with slogans such as: “Long live the resistance, no turning back,” and “Death to the imperialists, death to the collaborators,” the site includes pictures of heavily armed comrades, their faces covered with Arab kefiyah headdresses, and stories such as “the tactics of resistance.”

This short list does not include other terror threats coming from separatists, nationalists and religious groups. Some examples are: The Basque Fatherland and Liberation operating from the Basque region in Spain or the Irish Protestants or Catholics in Northern Ireland and the French Corsicans.

New evidence in a book to be published next year will point to an alliance between Iraqi-sponsored terrorists and Timothy McVeigh, the man executed for the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building.

In a related development, last Month, G2B reported Carlos the Jackal, the legendary terrorist of the 1970s, has converted to Islam and pledged his allegiance to Osama bin Laden.

Carlos, aka Ilich Ram?rez S?nchez, has just published a book in French to announce his conversion to Islam and present his strategy for “the destruction of the United States through an orchestrated and persistent campaign of terror.”

Titled “Revolutionary Islam” and published under the name Ilich Ram?rez S?nchez-CARLOS, the book urges “all revolutionaries, including those of the left, even atheists,” to accept the leadership of Islamists such as bin Laden and so help turn Afghanistan and Iraq into the “graveyards of American imperialism.”

Son of a militant Communist, Ilich was sent to Moscow to study at Patrice Lumumba University, an institution set up by the KGB to train terrorists from the Third World. That was in the 1970s, when the most fashionable cause was opposition to the U.S. intervention in Indochina.

Ilich opted for the less-fashionable cause of Palestine, and soon moved to Lebanon, where he trained for operations organized by George Habash’s People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

Western intelligence services first noticed Carlos when he murdered two French policemen and a Lebanese informant in Paris in 1975. But the peak of his career came in 1975, when he led the team that took 11 OPEC oil ministers hostage in Vienna, then flew them to Algiers.

He spent most of the next 20 years on the run, living under assumed identities, constantly changing protectors, until his Sudanese friends finally betrayed him six years ago, when they allowed French authorities to abduct him from his home in Khartoum and fly him to Paris for trial.

Carlos claims that terrorism is “the cleanest and most efficient form of warfare.”

Carlos, was arrested in Sudan in 1994 and turned over to France, where he is serving life for the 1975 murders of two French secret agents and an alleged informer.

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