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Poll: Massachusetts opposes 'gay' marriage

A majority of Massachusetts residents oppose the recent state high-court decision mandating same-sex “marriage,” according to a new Zogby International poll.

The survey released yesterday also showed most respondents favor a constitutional amendment to protect matrimony as the union of one man and one woman.

Meanwhile, National Public Radio is set to release a poll showing if President Bush defends traditional marriage against a Democratic candidate who favors civil unions, the president will enjoy a sharp increase in support.

“These polls show that despite favorable media coverage for same-sex marriage and the Left’s political correctness campaign, Americans know what the definition of marriage is, and they want it protected,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Family Research Council.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decided Nov. 18 homosexual couples are legally entitled to wed under the state constitution and should be allowed to apply for marriage licenses, overturning a ruling by a lower court handed down in May 2002 which said state law does not convey the right of marriage to homosexual couples.

However, the 4-3 ruling stopped short of declaring homosexual couples should be granted the licenses and does not call for them to be immediately issued to the plaintiffs in the case. Instead, the court ordered the state legislature to come up with a solution within 180 days. It granted a stay of its decision in the meantime.

According to the Zogby poll, 69 percent of respondents wanted to vote on an amendment to keep Massachusetts a traditional marriage state. Also, 52 percent vs. 42 percent agreed only marriage between one man and one woman should be legal and binding in America.

Additionally, more than two-thirds, or 69 percent, believed it is better for children to be raised in a household with a married mother and father.

“It seems the more people consider the long-term impact of homosexual marriage on the family and society, the more they oppose homosexual marriage,” said Ron Crews, spokesman for the Coalition for Marriage, a non-partisan state and nationwide alliance of supporters of traditional marriage.

Perkins urged President Bush to use his upcoming State of the Union address to clarify his support for a federal marriage amendment.

“Doing so would not only enhance the amendment’s chances for success, but it would also garner the president greater support among the American public, which is increasingly supportive of efforts to protect marriage,” said Perkins.

Yesterday, Harvard University’s student newspaper, the Crimson, reported on a poll that showed 77 percent of the school’s undergraduate students agree with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling.

The 16 percent who said they disagree with the verdict remain split between “somewhat” and “strongly” opposing the outcome.

Among students who said they would vote Republican in a hypothetical congressional election, 49 percent said they support the decision and 43 percent were opposed.

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