The book that has answered countless requests for a concise, reader-friendly yet authoritative survey of the very latest scientific evidence against evolution – namely, “The Case Against Darwin” by James Perloff – is available FREE, today only, from WorldNetDaily..

Until the offer ends tonight at 10 p.m. Pacific, readers who subscribe to WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine, or who renew their subscription or give a gift subscription will receive the book at no charge.

Despite virulent attacks from the scientific establishment against scientists, educators and others who publicly criticize evolution, each year brings increasingly powerful evidence against the theory Darwin originated. And the implications are momentous, because, as author James Perloff says, ever since publication of “The Origin of Species” in 1859, “evolution has been contesting man’s traditional ideas about the meaning of life.”

In fact, says Perloff, “now it’s Darwin who’s on the retreat, as facts from diverse branches of science challenge the theory’s validity.”

In his popular book “Tornado in a Junkyard,” Perloff examined the evidence in detail. Now, for the busy reader, he gives a powerful mini-tour of … “The Case Against Darwin.”

Controversial, explosive, truthful

Each monthly edition of WND’s popular Whistleblower magazine tackles a single topic – a controversial, often explosive, and almost always politically incorrect topic, but one of immense important to the lives of Americans. Recent issues have focused on: The United Nations; the destructive nature of government schools; the “gay rights” movement’s secret agenda; abortion; and the radical environmentalist movement.

The current issue, titled “KILLER CULTURE,” focuses on America’s increasingly bizarre youth culture – pierced, tattooed, and hyper-sexualized. If you’ve ever wondered why obscene rap music and gangland clothing, extreme “body modification,” every type of sexual experience, drug abuse and other harmful behaviors have taken such a powerful hold on today’s young people – and at progressively younger and younger ages – December’s Whistleblower has some alarming answers.

An edition in the works for nearly a year, “KILLER CULTURE” sheds an unprecedented journalistic light on how and why, to many observers, today’s youth culture increasingly resembles the wanton, pagan days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

“This may well be the most important Whistleblower issue we’ve ever done,” said WND founder and Editor Joseph Farah. “What could be more important than our children? And this issue provides both terrifying information and real answers needed to deal with today’s toxic youth culture.”

The special offer for “The Case Against Darwin” is good until 10 p.m. Pacific tonight and while supplies last.

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