Collection agency calling my office … how to get them to stop

Dear Dave,

I have a debt with a collection agency and they have started calling my office. I just made an agreed payment last week and they were on the phone again this morning. It has really become annoying and quite embarrassing. Can I demand legally that they not call me at my office? Please tell me what to do.


Ann Arbor, Mich.

Dear Judy,

Absolutely! You need to send them a certified letter with return receipt requested so that you have proof they received it. In the letter you need to state that as of today’s date, according to the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act, you are hereby demanding that they not call your office at anytime ever again, as your employer has requested so.

The reason you are sending it certified mail is that they could say that they never got it if you don’t. Believe me, it happens. And if you have the receipt in your hand that says it was delivered, then when they try to tell you that they didn’t get it, you can tell them the many number of ways you can sue them.

And then if they keep calling you at work, do sue them. See if you can put them out of business because they are violating federal law at that point.

Yes, you and everybody reading this should keep them from calling you at work. If you are dealing with collectors, do not deal with them at your place of employment. Tell them to call you only at home. If they keep calling at work, send them certified mail requesting that they call you only at home – that way you have proof you have given them the letter.


Start a small business or work for a company?

Dear Dave,

I am 26-years old, married and out of debt except for our house. Both cars are paid for, we have our six-month emergency fund in place and we have started investing – all thanks to your advice, so thank you for that.

At my current job, I have to travel a lot and we are thinking about having children soon. I know I don’t want to be away from my children and I have already been thinking about finding a new career path. I am being recruited by an insurance company to come and work for them, but I am also thinking about starting my own business.

I want to be able to have a good income, to build my business and to help people. Should I try to start my own business or should I go to work for a company? What are your thoughts?


Phoenix, Ariz.

Dear Raymond,

I like to look at it like this: If money and time were not an issue, which one would you choose to do? As an entrepreneur you are on straight commission. You have to wake up every morning, kill something and drag it home, or you don’t eat.

With this in mind, you better love what you are doing. The editor of Success Magazine says that the entrepreneur is the only person that can go from sheer terror to sheer exhilaration and back every 24 hours. If you don’t completely love what you are doing, and you are just doing it for money, it won’t last long.

Make sure that the job you take falls in line with your passions and the skills and talents that you have naturally. If you are a people person, for example, you don’t want to have a job where you never get to deal with people. If you hate talking on the phone, you don’t want a job that requires you to be on the phone 24×7.

You need to make sure you love to sell before you take the job with the insurance company before you agree to take that position, because if you don’t you won’t be happy.

Success is important, but your happiness is every bit as important as being successful.

If you wake up every morning jazzed about what you are about to do, you will be successful. But if you wake up and dread having to go to your j-o-b, then you will not be motivated, and I can almost guarantee you won’t find success.

Spend time thinking about this and do your research. There are several ideas for a small business that you could grow from the ground up. Plan ahead and you can be happy and successful.



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