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Four hundred years ago, King James of England ordered a new translation of the Holy Bible be undertaken, and ever since, it has been considered the single most important book of the Western World, profoundly influencing the English language, literature, politics and the life of the church.

Everyday English-language phrases familiar to everyone were introduced by the King James Bible, Alister McGrath, professor of historical theology at Oxford University, told the Toronto Star, including these: “To fall flat on your face,” “lick your wounds,” “put words in his mouth,” and “powers that be.” Also: “Pride goes before a fall,” “land of the living,” “to go from strength to strength” and “skin of my teeth.”

“On Jan. 12, 1604, James I, the brilliant, contrary, ugly son of Mary, Queen of Scots and successor to Elizabeth I, convened a conference at Hampton Court — away from a terrifying plague that was killing thousands in London,” wrote Leslie Scrivener, the Star’s Faith and Ethics reporter:

    James, whose motto was Beati Pacifici (Blessed are the peacemakers), intended to find a middle way between the stiff-necked Puritans and the despised Catholics and create religious peace in his new kingdom. He’d been King of Scotland since he was one year old.

    James steamrolled over the ambitions of both groups and only one item of substance endured from the meeting — the creation of an official Bible, one that favored neither side, to be used in all the churches of England.

    It would take seven years until the publication of the Bible that still bears his name. In those years, about 50 of the most brilliant minds in the church and the universities of Oxford and Cambridge toiled with Greek and Hebrew texts and earlier English translations. They created what many consider the greatest prose in English, on par with Shakespeare’s Othello, King Lear and Macbeth written in the same period.

Although other translations have appeared over the centuries, the King James translation is almost universally regarded as the most powerful and majestic version in the Western World.

“There are times of year, such as Christmas, when only the language of the King James Bible will do,” wrote Scrivener. As the Very Reverend Douglas Stoute, rector of St. James Cathedral in downtown Toronto, told the paper: “It’s so deeply etched in people’s memory. It has all of the longing and spiritual quality of life itself.”

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