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Americans voice disgust over Super Bowl

Americans disgusted with the base nature of Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show are contacting the federal government, CBS and the National Football League to express their outrage.

Urging supporters to make their voices heard, traditional-values organizations are supplying all the information a concerned citizen might need to contact the appropriate offices.

“Want to complain about the Super Bowl halftime performance? Here’s some information from the American Family Association,” read one e-mail circulating on the Internet.

The organization claims 30,000 people have printed formal complaint letters to the Federal Communications Commission via a form on its website. In addition, the group says over 250,000 e-mails have been sent to the FCC since Monday afternoon.

Said AFA: “People are very upset by CBS’ blatant disregard for broadcast indecency rules. They certainly aren’t buying CBS’ ‘we didn’t know’ line,” referring to the network’s having denied knowledge that performer Janet Jackson’s breast would be exposed during the big game’s halftime show.

Washington-based Family Research Council is also urging supporters to contact the government agency, which has launched an investigation into the show. Besides the now-infamous breast flash, the show also featured crotch fondling, striptease cheerleaders, gyrating transvestites and simulated lesbian sex.

“We appreciate the FCC’s quick decision to investigate this matter,” FRC says on its website. “However, it is quite clear that the CBS broadcast violated indecency laws and therefore the network should face penalties and financial fines.

“Urge the FCC to review and revise penalties for indecency violations and continue to provide leadership in an effort to return network television into a place where children and families are welcome.”

In addition, FRC provides a link to a page on CBS’ site where viewers can lodge complaints.

Focus on the Family is urging the telephone route, providing on its website phone numbers to officials of MTV, which produced the halftime show, CBS and the NFL, along with all five FCC commissioners.

Focus founder Dr. James Dobson cheered the action Americans were taking to oppose what he calls “sexual titillation and exploitation” featured by MTV.

“It is … encouraging to see moms and dads rise up in defense of their sons and daughters to say ‘Enough is enough,'” he said in a statement. “That reaction, more than any government agency’s action, has the greatest potential to clean up what passes for popular entertainment these days.”

The FCC has a page on its website that includes e-mail links to each of the five commissioners.

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