Brit Hume is by wide consensus (and the ratings of Fox News) one of the best and fairest anchors in all of television.

He has now won two more signal awards:

  • He has been announced as the recipient of this Sol Taischoff Award by the National Press Foundation, and

  • His being named to receive this award has moved one-time Washington Post ombudsman Geneva Overholser to behave in a matter that will absolutely compel many of us to conclude that she is a strident leftist ideologue.

USA Today’s media writer, Peter Johnson, reports that Overholser, “quietly resigned from the board of the foundation two weeks ago.”

Quietly resigned Mr. Johnson?

When she e-mailed all members of the board?

And was what this left-wing extremist said about Brit at all “quiet”?

She wrote that Hume and Fox practice “ideologically connected journalism.”

“Fox wants to do news from a certain viewpoint, but it wants to claim that it is ‘fair and balanced.’ That is inaccurate and unfair to other media who engage in a quest, perhaps an imperfect quest, for objectivity.

“Groups such as the foundation, before lauding Fox or its lead news anchor, should debate whether the way Fox reports news is good for journalism. Someday, I think we will look back on these years and think, ‘Why didn’t we have a discussion so that the public could benefit from a change in journalism that Fox is very successfully bringing about?'”

Overholser is the former editor of the Des Moines Register, known to numerous Iowans as the “Des Moines Red Star.”

That background made her an ideal staff critic for the Washington Post.

Geneva, The Quiet One, on the e-mail to everybody, wrote:

I would welcome a discussion about whether objectivity really exists, which media seem the least fair and balanced, whether objectivity is desirable, whether it wouldn’t be better to have a more European-like model in which media were straight-forwardly ideologically aligned.

You mean, Geneva, that the Washington Post (whose substantial salary you accepted to be its house critic) is not the Daily Newsletter of the Democratic National Committee?

Can you prove that? And whatever did you do to keep the Post from being just exactly that?

Brit Hume is tough enough and decent enough to more than survive this Overholser defamation attempt. And this should warn the University of Missouri’s Journalism School of just what they have by way of an extremist running their Washington Post.

Ed Fouhy, chairman of the four-person committee that unanimously voted to give Hume the award, rejects Overholser’s argument. “Brit is an excellent journalist,” says Fouhy, who at one time was Hume’s boss at ABC. “I admire him and his journalism.”

Says Fox’s Irena Briganti: “Brit Hume is a journalist of tremendous accomplishment, distinction and credibility. We are proud he is being recognized.”

Apparently so is Fox News chief Roger Ailes, whom furious Geneva accused of being “deceptively ideologically aligned.”

What wrath ensues when the liberal left sees even one part of television not adhering to the left-wing’s marching, publishing and television marching orders.

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