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What's wrong with 'gay' marriage

Same-sex marriage promises to be the issue of 2004 – maybe the issue of the first part of the 21st century.

It’s a fascinating issue because it illustrates the way post-Christian America has lost its moral bearings. Right is wrong. Left is right. Up is down. Good is evil. That’s what happens when a society no longer finds itself accountable to any authority higher than public opinion or the ruling of some judge.

Even the rule of law is falling victim to the same-sex marriage fanatics, as the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is instructing the legislature in that commonwealth to pass a law. Whatever happened to the notion of separation of powers? Whatever happened to the idea that the legislative branch of government responded to the will of the people?

Some opponents of same-sex marriage might take comfort from a recent poll showing 60 percent of Americans oppose the idea. I don’t. It doesn’t matter any more in a society that is ruled by unaccountable judges – as the U.S. Supreme Court showed us we were last June by striking down Texas’ anti-sodomy laws and as the Massachusetts court demonstrated more recently.

I also take no comfort from the fact that the National Annenberg Election Survey showed 31 percent of Americans in favor of same-sex marriage. That is an astonishingly high percentage of Americans who believe in something preposterous – an idea so silly it would have been laughed out of a courtroom or a legislature five years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago.

Why is it preposterous? Why is it silly?

Let’s just talk about the same-sex marriage idea from a practical perspective.

If it is, as proponents suggest, discrimination to deny same-sex couples the privilege of marriage, then it is also discrimination to deny the privilege to anyone else who wants to get married. Right?

“Well,” you say, “who else wants to get married but is denied by the state?”

Many people. And as soon as this taboo is broken, watch them line up.

How long do you suppose it will be, once same-sex marriage is a reality, before brothers want to marry sisters? How long do you suppose it will be before sisters want to marry sisters? How long do you suppose it will be before brothers want to marry brothers?

How many same-sex marriage advocates want to go down that road?

Are you still with me?

If incestuous marriages don’t scare you off, how about marriages involving more than two people? What possible reason could we find for “discriminating” against threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes, etc.?

I remember, being in the news business, a fellow in Great Britain who wanted to marry his dog. How could we possibly “discriminate” against an idea like that?

The truth is that most of us do believe in discrimination. In fact, we discriminate every day when we make choices. I’m not sure you can live without discriminating – between good food and bad, between safe conduct and unsafe conduct, etc.

Discrimination can be a good thing – a necessary component of life. It’s a bad thing only when we use it prejudicially against people because of immutable circumstances – like the color of their skin.

People who are homosexuals, transsexuals, transgendered people, intersexuals, lesbians and metrosexuals are characterized in those ways because of their conduct, their behavior, their choices.

Those folks have exactly the same rights as heterosexuals. They can marry one member of the opposite sex. No one forces them to do so. But they have that right.

This system has worked pretty well for the last 6,000 years. We tamper with it at great peril to our society.