A Harvard committee approved publication of a student magazine that will feature pictures of nude undergraduates and articles about sexual issues.

The Committee on College Life – comprised of students, faculty and administrators – approved H Bomb Tuesday as an official Harvard publication, the student newspaper The Crimson reported.

Assistant Dean of the College Paul J. McLoughlin, a CCL member, said he consulted with several officials before making the decision, including University General Counsel Robert W. Iuliano.

“I needed to see if there were liability issues,” McLoughlin said, according to The Crimson.

The paper said to avoid legal troubles, students will not be allowed to take nude pictures inside of Harvard buildings. The magazine also will not necessarily be funded by the school, according to McLoughlin.

“They will still have to go through the granting application process,” he said. “[Approval] gives them the ability to apply for grants but nothing else.”

McLoughlin noted “just to get a publication off and running is about $6,000.”

Students Katharina C. Baldegg and Camilla A. Hrdy approached the committee in December seeking approval for the publication.

Baldegg told the campus paper she did not find the process difficult.

“I don’t think we faced any opposition,” she said. “People have been very open about it.”

Hrdy said “initially there was some concern about the nudity aspect,” but CCL members eventually “got past the fear of porn.”

Baldegg added that she does not object to H Bomb being called porn.

“It’s a sex magazine that will hopefully be run by students of all sexual orientations and backgrounds,” she told The Crimson.

Associate Dean of the College Judith H. Kidd, noting officially approved organizations do not necessarily represent the views of the school, expects a mixed reaction.

“There will be people who will value the free speech … and people whose sensibilities are offended,” said Kidd. “[CCL] also very strongly felt we ought to be able to approve these organizations.”

McLoughlin explained committee members evaluate proposals based on whether it is something the students would want rather than “Would I join?”

Baldegg and Hrdy expect to distribute the first issue of their magazine at commencement ceremonies in May.

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