“God! you people are sick. God should strike you dead!”

That was the invective a Liberal Party Canadian senator e-mailed to a Christian who had contacted him in opposition to a bill that would make expressing “hatred” toward homosexuals a criminal offense.

Sen. Laurier L. LaPierre sent the note in response to an e-mail concerning Bill C-250, reported LifeSiteNews.com.

The website says it confirmed with LaPierre’s staff that he had sent the e-mail. The senator later issued an apology.

An avowed homosexual, LaPierre once was chastised in Canada’s Senate for comparing the Catholic Church to the Taliban.

Sen. Laurier LaPierre

According to the site, in response to a writer who suggested Bill C-250 may hamper public reading of the Bible, which condemns homosexual practice, LaPierre wrote: “In a book that is supposed (sic) to speak of love and you find passages of hatred: You should be ashamed of yourself of reading such books!”

LaPierre also responded to the citation of Leviticus 18:22, which says, “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.”

“I am sure you do not follow all that is forbideen (sic) in leviticus. Furthermore, you misinterpret the meanings of the words. If your god teaches you to hate and judge: Then get another god,” LifeSiteNews.com reported.

Regarding a quote from the New Testament where Paul writes against homosexuality, LaPierre commented, “Paul was a woman-hater! Do you trust him? Come, come basnish (sic) hatred from your heart. You have faults, you sin — a hell of a lot i bet— so there you are. Be just and kind.”

When one writer signed off with “In God’s service,” LaPierre fired back: “This letter is more in the devil’s service,” the site reported.

Wrote columnist Susan Martinuk in the Vancouver Province: “Apparently, [LaPierre] believes speaking against homosexuality should be a crime, but that it’s open season for vitriolic outbursts against Christians.”

Martinuk pointed out the irony of a supporter of a “hate crimes” bill himself using arguably hateful language.

“A senator known for hateful outbursts is a key supporter of criminalizing ill-spoken words?” she wrote. “LaPierre should realize his nasty comments speak louder against Bill C-250 than any argument I could make. That is, the determination of what constitutes hate speech is highly subjective and thus problematic.”

LifeSiteNews.com received a copy of the LaPierre apology, which read in part: “On February 7 I answered some emails in a less than Senatorial manner. I am apologizing for my vitriolic answers to two emails.”

The senator says he “mistakenly let out months of frustration” in the e-mails.

Bill C-250 has already passed in Canada’s House of Commons and is pending in the Senate.

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