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But what about South Dakota?

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At today’s White House news briefing, WND asked presidential press secretary Scott McClellan about a bill recently passed outlawing virtually all abortions in South Dakota.

WND: The South Dakota State House of Representatives has just overwhelmingly passed a bill to outlaw all abortions, except to save the mother’s life, with no regard for her health or if she’s a victim of rape or incest. My question, the first of two: Does the president agree with this? Or does he feel it would be much wiser to oppose partial-birth abortion alone, given the Kerry-Edwards’ record on that?

McCLELLAN: No, I think the president’s views are very well-known. The president is strongly committed to building a culture of life in America. This resident has taken – this president has taken steps to promote a culture of life in America. We worked to pass a ban on partial-birth abortion, which is a brutal procedure. The president has supported a number of efforts that will help build a culture of life.

WND: Does he support South Dakota?

McCLELLAN: He’s stood up and opposed the cloning of human beings for reproductive or research purposes.

WND: Given in the president’s State of the Union address, I can recall no mention whatsoever of either the moon or Mars, and given the absolutely tremendous expense of a space station on the moon, and sending men to Mars, isn’t their absence from the State of the Union due to the president’s realizing this was a mistake, given the huge deficit that conservatives are complaining about?

McCLELLAN: Actually, he spelled out a long-term vision for NASA in a lengthy speech that was given shortly before that. It is something that was important to describe in detail. The president believes it’s important to focus resources on a clear mission, and that’s what we have worked to do. We are working to reallocate many of those resources. This a long-term vision, though, Les. And at each step of the way, it will be re-evaluated. But what we now have for NASA is a very clear vision for the future of our space program.

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