Larry Klayman – the former head of government watchdog Judicial Watch and current U.S. Senate candidate from Florida, who has been critical of the feds over security issues – was reportedly detained and handcuffed at a Washington airport after joking about a bomb.

Larry Klayman

The Washington Post reports Klayman approached a metal detector at Reagan National Airport last fall and announced the cat container he was carrying was not a bomb.

According to another waiting passenger nearby, Klayman told the screeners the cat wasn’t a terrorist and didn’t have a bomb. The comment resulted in security personnel taken out of line and handcuffing the activist. The paper reports Klayman was taken to another location for questioning and was forced to take a later flight to his destination, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“It wasn’t a funny joke,” Klayman told the Post. “I apologized for it. I support what the TSA is doing, and I should have been more sensitive. I was tired, and it was the end of the day.”

Klayman is the author of “Fatal Neglect: The U.S. Government’s Continuing Failure to Protect American Citizens from Terrorists.”

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