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America's second black president?

One of the most shameful moments of the characteristically shameful Clinton administration was the way the scandal-plagued, amoral president lapped up the notion that he was somehow, inexplicably “America’s first black president.”

It was never entirely clear to the skeptics among us just what it was about Bill Clinton that qualified him for this distinction.

Clinton basked in the notion that he was, indeed, somehow “America’s first black president.”

You can imagine why. This was an Arkansas boy who, according to many around him, had nothing but contempt for blacks – often referring to them in private conversations by the ugliest racial epithets.

According to the Washington Post, it was Clinton’s “cultural sensitivity” that prompted black writer Toni Morrison to so declare him “America’s first black president.”

But, at least, to his credit, Bill Clinton didn’t claim this “culturally insensitive” title as his own.

That is precisely what John Kerry is attempting to do – even before winning the office as a white man.

Here’s what he told the American Urban Radio Network Monday: “President Clinton was often known as the first black president. I wouldn’t be upset if I could earn the right to be the second.”

I can scarcely find the words to describe my revulsion. And I’m not even black.

It makes me wonder how this remark was received by its intended audience – black Americans.

It strikes me that this is the worst sort of pandering. It strikes me that this is insulting. It strikes me that this is racist. It strikes me that this is beneath contempt.

I asked black listeners to my nationally syndicated radio program yesterday if it struck them the same way. And, indeed, it did – at least with the half-dozen or so who called in to express their amazement at the proposition.

Just what exactly does John Kerry have in mind? What are his plans to earn such an honor?

We know Kerry has changed his appearance throughout his long political career. Does he plan to alter the color of his skin? Or, does he suppose there is something uniquely “black” about the actions he will take as president?

Martin Luther King taught us the ideal was to look beyond the color of one’s skin – to peer, instead, into the character of the man.

Yet Kerry and his political ilk seek instead to keep the nation continually and eternally race conscious – in an obvious effort to maintain a constituency for his own personal empowerment and the empowerment of his party.

It’s sickening.

But it’s just one more reason to fear this man’s ascendancy to power.

He is truly dangerous. He is truly contemptuous. He is truly egomaniacal. He is truly without character. He is truly transparent as a political huckster and charlatan – even more so than the “first black American president.”

He is a politician who defines himself not so much by what he is for, but what he is against.

He announced, as WorldNetDaily reported earlier this week, that he will define his first 100 days in office by a series of apologies to people around the world for the conduct of his predecessor.

That’s some ambitious agenda. And so is proclaiming himself – months before he is even nominated formally by his own party as a candidate – the “second black American president.”

I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

It’s time for black Americans to emancipate themselves from self-serving white politicians who seek to speak for them and to lead them to the promised land.

I just wish they, like me and the rest of us, had better and more palatable, more clear-cut choices.