John Kerry cleaned house on Super Tuesday, winning all states but one. Coupled with those wins and the welcome he’s received in other primaries across the country, Kerry is now the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee. The only speculation is who will fill the vice presidential side of the ticket.

Aside from that, there is good news for the Kerry campaign found in the polls. A recent Associated Press survey confirmed many other polls, reporting a close race: President Bush at 46 percent and John Kerry at 45 percent.

In addition to that news, Kerry has received endorsements from unions, organizations, senators, congressmen, celebrities and countless others, and his campaign seems to be rolling along at a good speed.

Yet, whatever the good news Kerry is getting at this point, it’s not going to matter in November. I’m predicting that John Kerry is going to lose, and he’s definitely not going to lose by election 2000 margins. There are many reasons why we won’t see a President Kerry:

First, he’s not a very attractive guy. Although he reportedly pays $150 for a style and shampoo and, as some say, shells out the money for botox, the guy is not going to grab voters who base their decisions on looks.

Furthermore, the guy is boring. As Peggy Noonan wrote, “When he speaks … Mr. Kerry is boring. I don’t mean he doesn’t make you laugh, nod or swoon, I mean he doesn’t make you think. … Mr. Kerry’s crowds seem to put up with his remarks and wait patiently till they end so they can begin to cheer.” These things all point to a real lack of charisma – something that is deeply needed in a presidential candidate these days.

The second reason is two fold. First, he has an atrocious voting record in the Senate. John Kerry has been a no-show from his job for at least 128 days over the past 14 months, missing 292 roll-call votes last year and every one of the 22 roll-call votes this year. All told, he’s missed 64 percent of his job in the Senate.

Additionally, his record on political issues has been horrible. He voted for the Patriot Act, but now he bashes it. He voted for the war in Iraq, but now he’s against it. He’s had an awful voting record on national defense. He voted for the No Child Left Behind Act, but now he speaks out against it. He’s criticized President Bush’s action in Iraq, but also criticized Bush for not intervening earlier in Haiti. He voted against the Defense of Marriage Act, but now supports exclusive man-woman marriages. The list goes on and on.

Third, he campaigns on no real issues. Yes, he does campaign on his Vietnam service in seemingly every stump speech, but his lack of an agenda on present-day domestic issues is going to hurt his campaign.

The only thing that can characterize his campaign – and the Democratic Party as a whole – is being against President Bush. The only thing that defines the Kerry campaign is attacking everything the Bush administration has done over the past term.

Fourth, the Kerry campaign offers no optimism. Instead of simply saying, “America has been doing well, but I think we can do better,” Kerry continually downplays our achievements and generally lies about the economy and unemployment – it’s a very pessimistic view of life.

A doom and gloom, “sky is falling” attitude has never been accepted by Americans. We are an optimistic people.

Lastly, because of Kerry’s campaign being anti-Bush, they are overflowing with hate-filled rage against the GOP and the current president. The campaign offers no hope, no assurance of getting through these times; rather, they attack the president, blaming him for everything that has gone wrong since he took office.

As we saw with Howard Dean, America doesn’t buy into a candidate that expresses rage and hatred. They do, however, buy a candidate that offers hope and stability. This truth will work hard against John Kerry and will help President Bush.

Right now, America doesn’t know the real John Kerry. That’s why his poll numbers are high, just as they were with Howard Dean. When America found out about the real Dean, he faded away. As with Dean, as America gets to know the real John Kerry, he too will surely fade away.

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