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As a young boy I learned a phrase most every kid on the block knew by the age of seven or eight. Let’s say it all together now: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Wrong. Yes they can; words can and do hurt us because words are powerful enough to change whole nations. Words like “freedom,” “equality,” “peace,” “choice,” “consenting adult,” “gay,” “diversity,” and a host of other pivotal words have driven the social agenda in Western civilization for the last forty years or so. And they have hurt and even killed millions. Let’s take a brief look at some of the implied meanings of these words.

“Freedom” often has come to mean, “I want whatever you’re denying me that I feel a right to.” Freedom without responsibility leads to chaos. It’s nothing but sanctified selfishness. “Equality,” another genuinely desirable concept, often means, “Let’s both become exploiters of other people.” If a whole set of ideas or actions is corrupt, being “equal” only means, “Let me in on the action too.” How about “peace”? “Peace,” in my lifetime, has come to mean, “Forget the issues and let the other side win because nothing in my life is worth dying for.” Nothing has carried more hidden political agendas in the latter part of the 20th century than the word “peace.” “Choice” means that a mother has the right to murder her baby on the altar of “No one other than me has the right to alter my lifestyle.” The harmless word “choice” has killed multiplied tens of millions of babies. That word has done what truckloads of “sticks and stones” could not do.

Now we get to the words most recently driving the headlines in San Francisco. Words like “consenting adults,” “gay,” and “diversity.” These words may well shape the outcome of the next presidential election here in the United States, as they also continue to drive significant aspects of the political agendas of virtually all Western nations. The homosexual agenda is well thought out, well funded, and textbook in its strategic implementation. Gay marriage is not the end of its objectives. The end-game objectives are the destruction of the nuclear family; the enforced recruiting of “gay children”; the illegality of any public speech or “preaching” calling homosexuality a sin; strategic quotas of gays in specific leveraged positions of finance, education, and political influence. “Gay” must become synonymous with words like “free,” “cutting edge,” “bright,” and “progressive.”

Same-sex marriage has one specific goal: Capture and own the legitimacy of the word “marriage.” Any political dummy knows this: Whoever controls the language controls the culture. Everything else is details.

The key to unlock the word “marriage” is the word “diversity.” That word is a brilliant choice, strategically chosen by the “dark side of the force” as Obi-Wan would say. There is no moral or transcendent value behind the word “diverse.” There are diverse ways to steal, exploit, and oppress. The Nazis used diverse ways to kill the Jews. There are diverse ways to kidnap small children. Abortion is routinely carried out in diverse procedures. It’s a great word for cloaking. It’s an “open-universe” word, full of multi-gods, multi-cultures, and multi-standards. There is no “Fascist” Jesus here demanding a straight path, ultimate truth, or one way to God.

So, it comes down to this: Are we still seven-or eight-year-old kids chanting foolish slogans in the street, asserting our impregnability from the power of words? When, pray tell, will the influence leaders get down to the bottom line: Words created the universe, and they are being used to divert and stalemate the Creator’s purposes for it. And if you’re “too smart” to believe that, at least be smart enough to demand some definitions and values for the words in play.

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