I founded the Liberty Godparent Home ministry in 1982. The purpose of this life-saving outreach was, and is, to reach out to young pregnant girls so that they have an alternative to abortion. Through the years, the dedicated Christian staff at the home has ministered to hundreds of girls who receive medical care without charge, continue their education, and are cared for by a team of devoted employees and volunteers.

Now 22 years after the inception of this ministry, a remarkable thing has begun to happen. I recently learned that three students at Liberty University were born to girls at the Godparent Home and adopted into Christian families through our Family Life Services Adoption Agency. I hope to meet many future young people who started life in the Godparent Home.

This development has touched my heart. How exciting it is to see these young lives come full circle – from little babies with a tenuous beginning to young adults with real hopes, dreams and plans for their future. These three young people serve as wonderful and important reminders that adoption is truly the best option for young ladies facing a crisis pregnancy. Furthermore, these three young and vibrant lives serve as another reminder – that abortion is the darkly permanent “solution” that provides no future and no opportunity to unborn babies.

Seeing these three young people has motivated me to do more than ever in terms of reaching out to young ladies who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant. They have made one mistake; I hope to help as many as possible choose not to make another one.

Please allow me to briefly introduce you to these three outstanding young people. Just this week they were interviewed by my National Liberty Journal for a feature in our April issue. But I wanted to highlight a few things that they said.

“Being adopted and having known from a young age that my life could very well have never begun has made me much more interested in political and social matters,” said Stacy Schofer, 19. “I think the fact that it would have been very simple for me not to be here has made me aware that there is a real reason for my very being.”

Stacy, who plans to teach at the college level, also wants to remain involved in secondary education in order to impact young lives. She also envisions teaching Sunday school and has already spoken in several churches participating in Sanctity of Life Sunday services.

“I’m very thankful to those who helped me even be here today,” she said. “I feel an obligation to give back because of what they did for me.”

Ryan Dempsey, also 19, agreed that God may have special intentions for him because of the unique beginning of his life.

The youth ministries major said, “There’s definitely a purpose as to why God placed me on this earth and I’m fully aware that God has a plan for me. I was born after a choice had to be made. I’m not sure that means I have more of a purpose than other people, but maybe my purpose is more ingrained into me.”

Ryan is studying to be a youth minister and he sees many potential doors of opportunity to impact young lives not just with the Gospel, but also with his extraordinary perspective on abortion.

And Jared Doyle, also 19, concurred that there is a special sense of purpose in his life because of the nature of his birth. As a nursing major he hopes to have many opportunities to bring a new perspective on abortion to those in the medical field. He says he hopes to inspire people to pro-life action by relating his story.

“You don’t have to be an adopted baby or a birth mother to be involved in pro-life work,” he said. “In fact, as Christians, we are spiritually adopted into God’s family; that example can be used in the material world, as well. God adopted us into our family, so we should have hearts that are open to the adoption of those who need us.”

Ryan’s birth mother, Jennifer Haggerty, helped me co-write the 1986 book, “If I Should Die Before I Wake,” which recounted her unexpected pregnancy. Ryan recently met Jennifer, her husband and her four children.

“It was amazing to meet her,” Jared said. “She is a beautiful lady and a great mother. I dearly love my parents, but it was a great experience to get to meet my birth mother and to share some special moments with her.”

These young people are representative of thousands of saved lives across this nation. As Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman has written, they are “living out loud” and setting out on their futures to alter people’s opinions on abortion.

I am so proud of each one of them and I look forward to watching them grow and develop into strong voices for life. They and their contemporaries who were born through facilities for unwed mothers could literally alter the course of this nation when people learn of their exceptional lives.

Readers interested in reading the entire feature on these three students (and seeing their pictures) may visit the National Liberty Journal website: www.nljonline.com. Finally, readers who know of an unmarried pregnant girl needing spiritual and physical care, please have her immediately call our Liberty Godparent Home toll-free hotline: 800-54-CHILD.

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