The judiciary continues to work outside its intended boundaries. The legislature continues to ignore its boundaries, and many of its members do anything for power. The executive, too, has stepped out of its intended role and continues grow in power. As members of the three branches ignore the law, bureaucracies illegally rise in power and authority.

Since its members disregard the law, there is no boundary on government power, except instable opinion polls.

The abuse of power has hit a low point in history, where judicial activism is everywhere, where, as former Rep. Tom Coburn documents in a recent book, principles are sacrificed over political expediency in the legislature, and where the executive can commit many crimes but cover its tracks, as we saw with Bill Clinton. It’s all climaxing to a transparent power grab.

That’s just the government side of the coin, but the culture war is worse.

Despite this threat, I’m optimistic about the future. There is great cause for all like-minded Americans to be optimistic. A new political force is rising up that will prove to be extremely powerful.

The “vast right-wing conspiracy” is indeed growing and becoming more organized, as an unlikely group of political activists arise. Homeschoolers are a group that will soon be a force the left will have to contend with.

Unfortunately, in the past, conservative organizations have always fallen short of the effectiveness of liberal groups. The biggest problem with conservative Christians is not their ideas, but their leadership and organization. The culture wars have been fought by highly organized liberal groups and by dozens of unorganized conservative groups lacking commitment and strength.

Yet, that is changing, and homeschoolers are leading the charge.

This week, I went to a program at the state Capitol called TeenPact – a homeschool program dedicated to educating young people about state government. This organization is an unprecedented opportunity for young people to grow in their knowledge about government and interact with lobbyists, representatives, senators and offices around a state’s capitol.

If change in America must be founded upon understanding and education, TeenPact is a prime example of how it should be done.

The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is another organization that not only represents homeschool families and fights legal battles in court, but has also begun to spearhead the movement of homeschoolers in politics. Furthermore, with HSLDA’s new political action committee, the force will become more relevant in politics.

Another group is the highly organized Generation Joshua, which is headed by Ned Ryun, former presidential speechwriter and the son of Rep. Jim Ryun.

One of the objectives of this organization is to educate homeschoolers on the way government should work. They will be sponsoring a teen camp on the campus of Patrick Henry College this coming summer and has available courses of civic study on the member website.

The second objective of Generation Joshua is about activism. The new organization will be putting together “Student Action Teams” that, funded by the Homeschool Legal Defense Association’s PAC, will travel to key races across the country, working on campaigns. In 2002, such groups were put to together and helped six of seven conservative leaders take office, including Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo.

Patrick Henry College in Virginia is at the forefront of the objective of this movement, as their mission statement reads, “To train Christian men and women who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values and fidelity to the spirit of the American founding.”

Founded by Michael Farris of HSLDA, the college offers classic liberal arts, history, literature and government, with the purpose to affect America within a student’s respective field. PHC will also be working toward offering a law school, degrees in film, broadcast and television journalism, music and other influential fields.

All these groups are unprecedented in their organization and their approach in affecting the future of America. As the tool of homeschooling activism is refined and grows in effectiveness, it will begin to change the political landscape of America.

Liberals everywhere should be scared of such as prospect.

Thus, the growing political role of homeschoolers is the hope and future of the conservative movement. A new generation of young people is rising, and the energy and strength of conservatism will rise with it.

Force and support must be put behind this movement and homeschooling and its activism must be encouraged.

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