A convoy of 12 pickup trucks crammed with illegal aliens barreled over the U.S.-Mexico border and attempted to run down approaching Border Patrol agents.

In the unprecedented move, six of the pickups were stopped, while six escaped back to Mexico, reported the Tucson Citizen. In the vehicles authorities were able to stop, agents found 165 suspected illegals in the beds of the trucks, said Greg Maier, a spokesman for the U.S. Border Patrol’s Tucson sector.

“Smugglers are getting desperate in their attempt to enter the United States illegally,” David Aguilar, chief patrol agent of the Tucson sector, told the paper. “Their options are dwindling, and now they are making bold and dangerous moves to get their human cargo over the border.”

An anonymous caller to the Border Patrol station in Casa Grande Wednesday night alerted agents to the convoy near the town of San Miguel, west of Tucson, Maier said, adding this type of daring convoy had not been seen before.

One of the trucks got stuck in sand, and agents were approaching it on foot when the driver of a second truck gunned his engine and headed toward the agents, Maier told the Citizen.

Agents shot at the oncoming truck, which changed direction and darted back into Mexico.

According to the report, none of the 165 suspected illegal aliens were injured, nor were any Border Patrol agents.

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