The war on terrorism is a war against bigotry. It’s a war that cannot be won unless we deal with Yasser Arafat and the PLO. Bigotry is a terrible thing – no one appreciates being discriminated against. Imagine, however, someone hating you so much that they refuse to even recognize your very existence. Conversely, imagine being told if you did precisely as you were instructed, your right to exist would be recognized. Israel has faced this Catch-22 situation since her rebirth in 1948.

Millions of Arab bigots are propagating as true the diabolical lies quoted by Hitler from “Mein Kampf” and the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Arab children are being taught that all wars are caused by the Jews, that the Jews invented AIDS, that Jews attacked America on Sept. 11 and blamed it on the Arabs, and that America went to war against Iraq to appease the Jews. While this sounds ridiculous to us, it is accepted as truth in Arab lands.

The truth is the “Baghdad Bobs” of the Middle East feed these myths and conspiracy theories to the masses daily. These fabrications are believed as the Gospel, and used to inflame Palestinian children to commit violent acts against the Jews. Children play death games, collect “terrorist” cards (complete with pictures of suicide bombers), and fantasize about killing Jews to reclaim al-Quds (Jerusalem.)

And it doesn’t stop with pretense! At least two-dozen children under the age of 18 have perished as suicide bombers; children as young as 11 have been enlisted as “mules” to smuggle bomb-making supplies into Israel. The two young Palestinians who carried out the most recent attack in Ashdod were 17 years old.

In 1997, I wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal titled, “Where’s the Outrage?” The article outlined the fact that the world continued to tolerate Arafat’s speeches calling for 1 million martyrs to liberate Jerusalem. Yet today, Arafat’s Palestinian Authority uses the television airwaves to encourage children of all ages to become “Shahada” – suicide martyrs.

Money keeps Arafat in power! Since 1994, he has kept a tight grip on $5.5 billion dollars of international aid that has flowed into Palestinian coffers. He dispenses his wealth to would-be martyrs, as well as to purchase 50-ton shipments of weapons from Iran. Arafat’s critics are either paid off, or murdered. According to Israeli intelligence, Arafat’s personal holdings are reported at $1.3 billion. This includes a 23-percent stake in a casino in Jericho (estimated worth: $28.5 million), 20 percent of a Tunisian telecom company (estimated at $50 million), and a $55-million share of a firm that controls most of the cement imported into the territories.

Every six months, President Bush has an opportunity to allow the Anti-terrorism Act of 1987 to become law. The time has come for Mr. Bush to refuse to sign another waiver on this resolution, and allow it to be enacted. This document places the PLO firmly where it belongs– on the terrorist list. This Act would hold Arafat and his entire terrorist cartel accountable, and stop PLO terrorists from entering the U.S. under diplomatic immunity. It is time for President Bush to freeze Arafat’s $1.3 billion in PLO funds, and pay compensation to the survivors of Americans killed by Arafat.

As far back as Feb. 12, 1986, a letter was sent from 47 senators to the U. S. Justice Department demanding that Arafat be indicted for the murder in Khartoum, Sudan, of Ambassador Cleo Noel, and charge d’affaires, C. Curtis Moore. To date, no action has been taken; but there is no statute of limitations on murder. It must also be noted that the U.S. State Department has an audiotape of Arafat’s order to have the American diplomats killed.
Last Saturday, the godfather of world terrorism took a break from suicide bombing, and was given a private showing of “The Passion of the Christ” in Ramallah. The screening was the work of a pro-Palestine, pro-Arafat, anti-Israel group of professing Christian leaders from the United States who were seeking Arafat’s endorsement of the film.

Speaking through his spokesman, Nabil Abu Rdeneh, Arafat stated that the film was not anti-Semitic, and that Palestinians are exposed to the same kind of pain to which Jesus was exposed during His crucifixion. What a sham! And, what a shame to allow the movie to be exploited by Arab bigots! Arafat’s very statement is ant-Semitic. Will this international group next take the movie to Osama bin Laden for his endorsement? Will he say that al-Qaida is being exposed to the same kind of pain to which Jesus was exposed?

Mel Gibson must be outraged to have his film endorsed by the world record-holder of Jew-killing terrorist attacks. I find it more offensive that Arafat says it is not than Abe Foxman from the Anti-Defamation League saying that the film is anti-Semitic.

God bless President George W. Bush for refusing to invite Arafat to the Bush White House. He has drawn a line in the sand on this issue. Now it is time to send Arafat to The Hague to stand trial alongside Milosovic.

In order to win the war on terrorism, America must fight a war on bigotry. The same bigotry that kills Jews also kills Christians – we discovered that on 9-11. For all the Arab bigots who call themselves “patriotic Americans,” and who don’t like the signing of Anti-terrorism Act of 1987, the president needs to refuse to recognize their right to exist as an American, and send them back to their countries of origin.

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