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Pastor beaten for leading inmates to Christ

The leader of a Chinese house church imprisoned by the Communist government has been crippled by a severe beating as punishment for leading 50 fellow inmates to the Christian faith.

According to the China Aid Association, Chen Jingmao, a 72-year-old leader of a South China church was punished for his proselytizing on Feb. 6. Both of Chen’s legs were broken in the beating and he now must be carried by other inmates to use the toilet and to eat.

CAA’s source said one guard, during the beating, said Chen’s actions “of bringing others to Christianity has brought shame upon the Communist Party.”

Chen was arrest in 2001 and sentenced to four years in prison for “using an ‘evil cult’ to obstruct the law.” His crimes, as described in court papers, included “active recruitment of evil cult members,” “organizing secret illegal religious gatherings numerous times” and “distributing the evil cult propaganda materials – ‘Salvation and China,'” a South China Church magazine. Chen also was punished for sending his granddaughter to a Sunday school teachers’ training session in 2001.

According to the CAA statement, the brutal beating of Chen is a direct violation of Chinese prison law, which guarantees a prisoner’s rights to protection from beatings and torture.

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