Dear reader,

First, I want to thank you sincerely for your readership and loyalty, which has propelled WorldNetDaily to the very highest tier of news websites worldwide.

In fact, WND is currently the world’s largest independent, full-service news website, and was recently ranked as the No. 1 most popular political site on the Internet, according to the independent traffic ranking service In addition, for at least three years WND has been No. 1 among all newssites in time spent per user, and for nearly two years it ranked as the “most popular website in the world” in rankings by the independent European website

While our readership and influence have shot into the stratosphere thanks to your readership, there is a parallel support that has lagged somewhat behind – namely, financial support. And without that sort of support as well, we don’t exist.

It’s not easy for even big websites to make ends meet. We basically have to sell a product every four minutes of every hour, every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. That, plus some revenue from advertising, is how we pay for the first-rate reporting, the editing, the original commentary, the enormous bandwidth charges, the customer service people, the support staff and vendors – not to mention the legal team to fight off constant lawsuit threats, the technical team to fight off constant hack attacks – you get the picture.

We know our most loyal readers appreciate the long hours and tireless work our dedicated staff devote to bringing you this unique coverage since 1997. And you know, this kind of coverage costs a lot of money.

So, since every newspaper has got to have subscribers, WND is launching an old-fashioned subscription campaign to try to tie together these two vital areas of support – readership and dollars.

I know, we’re an Internet newspaper and you can read WorldNetDaily for free. And that’s not going to change – we don’t charge a cent, and we give you everything. But, we still need to be supported. It’s a time-honored tradition in the newspaper business that free newspapers ask for voluntary subscriptions. As a rule, satisfied readers who depend on a news publication for their news don’t mind paying a little bit for it.

That’s why voluntary subscription donations have been the lifeblood of many “free” newspapers over the years – it’s the honor system, you might say.

To support WND with your “voluntary subscription,” there are a couple of options:

1. Choose the amount you would like to donate for your voluntary monthly subscription payment and it will be deducted from your credit card during the first week of each month. (Just call or e-mail WND if you ever want to cancel.)

2. If you prefer, you can make a one-time voluntary subscription payment to WND.

As yet another alternative, you may send a check to, P.O. Box 1087, Grants Pass, OR 97528. (Be sure to mark your check “voluntary subscription payment.”)

Thank you very much. All of us at WorldNetDaily deeply appreciate your support. It’s truly what enables us to keep going.


Joseph Farah

Editor and CEO,

P.S.: If you do use a credit card to make your contribution today, we’d like to say thanks by offering you a FREE, three-month trial subscription to Whistleblower magazine. We can do this because we are confident you will want to purchase an annual subscription once you have an opportunity to sample this remarkable offline monthly companion to WorldNetDaily. That’s a $22.50 value as our thank-you for a donation of any amount.

Support WND with your voluntary subscription.

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