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Hillary's attempt to muzzle Farah, other Net journalists

The IRS audit of WND founder Joseph Farah – instigated directly by the Clinton White House as retribution against one of its chief media critics – is only one of the incredible stories in best-selling author Richard Poe’s just-released blockbuster, “Hillary’s Secret War,” which blows the lid off efforts by the former first lady to silence her opponents in the New Media.

Subtitled “The Clinton Conspiracy to Muzzle Internet Journalists,” Poe’s sensational book describes how Hillary Clinton took aim at Farah, Net news pioneer Matt Drudge and others.

Poe calls the Net journalists, talk-radio and cable TV the “New Underground,” saying they have destroyed the stranglehold on information dissemination held by network news, the New York Times and other establishment media.

The book, published by WND Books, shows the extent to which this New Underground threatens not just the established media order, but Clinton’s White House ambitions. Poe says the Net journalists are imperiling her desire to capture the presidency in 2008.

Early on, the author explains, Clinton understood the power of the Internet and “vowed to crush it before it could expose her crimes.” It was then, he says, that she began an all-out war against Internet journalists and talk-radio hosts who threaten her power.

Among the details Poe exposes in “Hillary’s Secret War”:

Moreover, Poe’s book covers the story of how the 2000 election wasn’t decided in Florida, but in Tennessee, and how the New Underground triumphed over Big Media to keep Gore from winning.

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