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Baptist resolution gets
critical endorsement

The Home School Legal Defense Association, or HSLDA, has endorsed a resolution before the Southern Baptist Convention that would encourage its members to yank their children out of public schools and either homeschool them or send them to Christian schools.

As WorldNetDaily reported, the resolution, introduced by activists T.C. Pinckney and Bruce Shortt, asks “all officers and members of the Southern Baptist Convention and the churches associated with it to remove their children from the government schools and see to it that they receive a thoroughly Christian education, for the glory of God, the good of Christ’s church, and the strength of their own commitment to Jesus.”

The measure has been referred to the SBC Resolutions Committee, which makes recommendations to the floor of the Baptists’ convention occurring in Indianapolis next week.

“HSLDA strongly supports this resolution,” the organization said in an e-mail to supporters. The group, the largest of its kind in the nation, urges homeschoolers who are Baptist to contact members of the Resolutions Committee and tell them to “allow an up or down vote on the Christian Education Resolution.”

“Homeschooling is growing rapidly and successfully producing mature Christian citizens with a biblical worldview,” the notice said. “It’s time for the wider Christian community to make the choice for homeschooling.”

Shortt told WND he views the public-school issue as one of “spiritual blindness,” noting that roughly 85 percent of Christians send their children to government institutions.

“If you had a congregation where 85 percent of the people had a drug problem or an adultery problem, you’d hear about it from the pulpit,” he said, “and yet in most churches right now, this is an issue that’s not discussed.”

The activist says he considers sending children to government schools as “the grossest kind of sin,” saying Christians don’t want to be confronted with the issue because it would be inconvenient and financially challenging to kick the public-school habit.

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