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Who are the real fundamentalist, extremist zealots?

Parent Larry Caldwell had an idea to bring more diversity into the education of his child and fellow students of the Roseville, Calif., Joint Union High School District.

Months ago, he observed, the district’s biology textbook failed to point out any of the weaknesses of the theory of evolution – teaching it instead as a matter of fact.

Saying he was not interested in injecting religious views of creation into the curriculum, only providing more objectivity and balance when it comes to teaching about Charles Darwin and his theory, Caldwell added: “There’s mainstream science that’s been systematically censored from the classroom from my perspective.”

The school board came up with a compromise plan to retain the textbooks, but to encourage teachers to present the scientific information that challenges the theory of evolution. Resource centers in the school libraries would be started to provide other points of view. Parents would have received letters stating “a growing minority of scientists question the ability of Darwin’s theory to provide an adequate scientific explanation for the origin and diversity of life on Earth.”

The plan seemed eminently reasonable and accommodating to all viewpoints – which is why the real intolerant, fundamentalist, extremist, Taliban-like, religious zealots shot it down.

By a 3-2 vote, the school board decided there would be no dissent permitted on an article of faith like evolution.

Oh, I know what you are going to say: “The majority on the school board wasn’t religious. They were fighting the religious views of others that are creeping into the schools. There’s no place in public schools for teaching religion.”

“These supplemental materials are religious in nature,” explained parent Pam Herman. “They don’t belong in our science curriculum.”

Let me contradict that statement. When people accept the theory of evolution as an article of faith and teach it as a matter of fact and permit no dissent whatsoever from their doctrine, let me tell you: Those are religious people pushing religious views.

I’m not sure which religious views they hold. They may be atheists. They may be agnostics. They may be pagans. They may be secular humanists. I don’t know which particular dogma they follow. It isn’t important. But rest assured they are only disguising their narrow religious views in the language of science.

The theory of evolution is now being treated like Holy Writ. That’s not science, it’s religion.

If something in science suddenly becomes so sacrosanct that you can’t question it, then it ceases to be science. It’s actually a contradiction of the principles of science and the scientific method, which requires testing, evidence, proof.

And that’s what is happening all over the country – not just in Roseville, Calif. There’s a new wave of sweeping intolerance and rigid conformity being required of teachers and students.

It seems to me when authorities are unwilling to accept any criticism of their doctrine, there is probably good reason. In the case of evolution, that reason is the theory itself is little more than speculation unsupported by evidence.

I’ve been through the indoctrination camps in high school and in college. I remain thoroughly convinced that evolution is nothing more than a religious tenet of secular humanism – unsupported by facts and unsupportable by facts. I am hardly alone.

Evolutionists are incapable of selling their ideas in an open marketplace. Instead, they resort to Soviet-style coercion and censorship to impose their views on others. Remember, it was the communists who made a special point of teaching that God played no role in the creation of the universe and mankind. Evolution became their god, and history is repeating itself in America’s classrooms today.

The truth is we don’t know what we don’t know. And that’s as good reason as any not to teach what we don’t know as fact to kids forced to attend government schools. There are many good arguments against government education, but the fact that so many turn into state-sponsored propaganda mills and miseducation camps is the best reason of all.

Some of the very brightest people in the world today disbelieve in the theory of evolution. Some of the very brightest people throughout history have believed the world was created – men like Sir Isaac Newton, Copernicus and Maury. Why is it so vital to the new gods of scientific correctness that every schoolkid in America be taught only – I repeat, only – their theories of the universe and the origins of man?


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