Rush Limbaugh

On the same day he anchored live coverage of the late President Ronald Reagan’s funeral, conservative icon Rush Limbaugh, the most-listened-to radio host in history, announced he was breaking up with his wife.

The Limbaughs “mutually decided to end their marriage of ten years” and have “separated pending an amicable resolution,” according to a statement released by Limbaugh’s publicist, reports the Associated Press.

Rush’s spokesman Tony Knight declined further comment on the divorce, saying the matter was personal.

The couple has been living in a $24 million oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach, Fla., and the talk-show host often broadcasts his weekday radio program from a nearby studio.

Marta and Rush Limbaugh

In May 1994, Limbaugh married his third wife, 35-year-old aerobics instructor Marta Fitzgerald, at a service over which U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas officiated at the jurist’s Virginia home.

Also in attendence were well-known political figures William Bennett, James Carville and Mary Matalin.

Barry Krischer

In recent months, the Republican Limbaugh has been battling Palm Beach County State Attorney Barry Krischer, a Democrat, over an investigation related to the host’s use of painkillers.

Limbaugh admitted on the air last year he had become addicted to prescription drugs he was taking for severe pain, and he subsequently took himself off the air while he underwent rehabilitation.

Prosecutors are trying to determine if Limbaugh went “doctor shopping,” that is to say, illegally going to several physicians in order to receive duplicate prescriptions.

The case in now in the hands of an appeals court which is deciding whether Florida’s seizure of Limbaugh’s medical records last November violated privacy laws.

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