The U.S. should get out of the United Nations, says a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Florida, and he has launched a nationwide petition campaign to rally support for the cause.

Senate candidate Larry Klayman, R-Fla.

Larry Klayman, a Republican and founder of Judicial Watch, is making the U.N. crusade the cornerstone of his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring Democrat Bob Graham. He faces Bill McCollum, Mel Martinez, Doug Gallagher, Johnnie Byrd and Karen Saull for the Republican nomination. Democrats running in the Aug. 31 primary for a chance at the seat include Peter Deutsch, Betty Castor and Alex Penelas.

“The United Nations is a complete and abject failure,” says Klayman. “It was under the leadership of President Ronald Reagan, the United States ended the Cold War and liberated Eastern Europe from the bondage of the Soviet Union, not the United Nations. President Reagan demonstrated that to achieve peace, free people must unite with their own strength and not that of the United Nations.”

As an example of the U.N.’s failures, Klayman points to its role in the war on Iraq.

“During the months leading up to the war in Iraq, the world became aware that the alliance created by the United States and its allies were advancing the cause of freedom outside of and despite the United Nations,” he said. “Had the United Nations been granted its do-nothing way, Saddam Hussein would still be sponsoring suicide bombers in Israel, working with al-Qaida terrorists, developing weapons of mass destruction, and oppressing innocent people. President George W. Bush’s leadership made glaringly obvious the failure of the United Nations to accomplish its original mission.”

Klayman says the U.N. has lost its moral bearings.

“The United Nations has allowed itself to lose credibility before the world by allowing the rogue terrorist nations of Cuba and Syria to chair the United Nations Human Rights Commission, while condemning Israel for taking defensive measures against terrorists,” he said. “The United Nations has failed repeatedly to take action against such states as Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, and Zimbabwe, while constantly condemning and even working to subvert the actions of the United States and its allies to advance freedom. During the 1980s, the United Nations constantly opposed and obstructed President Reagan as he sought to liberate the people of Eastern Europe and Central America from Communist domination. Now we face an even greater menace — the war on terrorism. Despite the fact that terrorists delivered this war to the doorstep of New York City, itself the U.N. headquarters, the United Nations still refuses to take meaningful action toward combating this ominous threat with integrity. Now American troops are putting their lives on the line and dying, as the United Nations’ leadership just ‘sneers’ at President Bush and the United States.”

In addition, Klayman says the U.N. is a direct threat to U.S. sovereignty, pointing to a presidential decision directive – PDD-25 – drafted by the U.N. and signed by President Clinton. Under this measure, Klayman says, U.S. soldiers “can be placed under United Nations auspices against their will. This statute violates the rudimentary concept of ensuring that citizen military not be forced into involuntary servitude as mercenaries. The United Nations holds the opinion, as well, that its treaties override the constitutions of nation states. These United Nations treaties include the Law of the Sea Treaty; this law violates the very concept of free seas espoused by the United States since its birth.”

“While supposedly dedicated to world peace, the United Nations has become scandalously ripe with corruption over the decades,” he adds. “The food-for-oil scandal is perhaps the most recent example of this corruption. However, another great evil, often not reported, is the situation in the Congo. United Nations troops and officials have shamefully preyed upon starving refugees in the Congo by exchanging their life-sustaining food supplies for sex, as documented by the Independent of London. United Nations workers and soldiers actually told young female refugees that unless they had sex with them, they would starve their families. How could any member of the United Nations overlook such a shameful grievance?”

Klayman pledges that as a U.S. senator he will immediately introduce legislation to withdraw from the United Nations.


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