Hollywood, Calif. – Movie czar Jack Valenti has taken the movie industry from the Golden Age of Hollywood with its broad audience movies that the whole family could enjoy to a corrupt institution of political hit pieces and morally degenerate teen flicks.

How did he do this? By destroying the Motion Picture Code and replacing it with his own invention, the ratings system. The ratings system allowed moviemakers to fill their movies with filth and perversity and then receive an R-rating, which would appeal to prurient teenagers and perverts.

Previously, the filmmaker had to adhere to the Motion Picture Code, which encouraged strong moral guidelines to help the film reach the broadest audience, such as providing that the filmmaker could portray violence but not in a manner that would cause susceptible youth to want to imitate it.

In his swan song in the commentary section of the Aug. 2 Los Angeles Times, Valenti said that his greatest accomplishment was the movie ratings system. He’s right. He helped to destroy an industry, taking it from 44 million weekly attendance to 17 million weekly almost overnight, and he helped to corrupt an entire society and the world. Furthermore, he created an intense antipathy for the United States of America around the world.

If that’s what you set out to do, Jack, you did it, but I hate to see what happens when you face the Judgment of God.

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