Lately, I’ve been trying to get into the minds of intelligent, conscientious, decent people who are nonetheless planning to vote for Democrats in November. It is certainly easy enough to identify, enumerate and condemn the blatant propaganda and duplicity that is promoted and practiced by the far left, but it is also important to remember that this faction (which has effectively hijacked the Democrat Party at the national level) is indeed a minority.

That this minority is an extremely vocal and politically potent one is not a new observation with respect to the political landscape at large. That there are thinking, idealistic liberals of influence who cannot abide developments within the Democrat Party over the last 30 years, is – at least to many conservatives.

Like Tammy Bruce, the “openly gay, pro-choice, gun-owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Reagan progressive feminist” (quote from her website) who authored, “The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left’s Assault on Our Culture and Values,” a New York Times best-seller that addresses the ascent of moral relativism in America.

People such as Bruce, and Zell Miller (the Democrat senator from Georgia who recently endorsed President Bush) are anathema to the power brokers of the left, and it is only owing to conservatism selling well (perhaps because most Americans are essentially conservatives at heart) that their views are gaining audience. Indeed, the majority of reasoning Democrats who object to the direction their party has taken have been pretty effectively ostracized by the party and the press.

So how is it that rank-and-file Democrats who are reasoning folks haven’t joined ranks with Bruce and Miller, opting instead to go along with the progression of failure in liberal politics time and again?

If you hang out with prostitutes for any length of time, you ultimately become acquainted with their pimps. Now, I’m not talking about escorts or call girls, whom one might call professionals of a somewhat uncanny sort. I’m talking about streetwalkers – ones who work places like Hollywood and the South Bronx and who wind up junkies and knifing victims and things of that nature.

Something that used to puzzle me – and which I know puzzles a lot of people – is the attitude these women almost universally hold for the men who exploit, abuse and drug (and occasionally even knife) them, all the while taking the lion’s share of their income.

Upon closer study, the rationale for these women enduring such treatment becomes apparent: They really believe their pimps care for them. Many are ferociously protective of these guys, routinely covering for them, and even fighting for them – physically, if necessary.

“How could this be?” you may say. Ah, but that’s where frame of reference comes in. Granted that all of these unfortunate women start out with severe emotional and self-esteem problems, generated by a wide variety of circumstances. It’s these circumstances that lead them to a lifestyle that the average American might find bizarre, but which is often simply a trade-off of one bizarre lifestyle for another.

In other words, it’s all they know.

Which brings us back to the Democrat Party.

Certain older and more discerning Democrats realize that the days of the FDR and JFK Democrats have long since passed. Some of them, like Bruce and Miller, are more than a little disturbed over these developments. The aforementioned rank-and-file Democrats, however, continue to stride merrily toward totalitarianism in eager support of their candidates.

It’s a shame of course, that we currently have the combination of a dismally ineffectual public educational system coupled with the reality that human beings simply cannot experience what has gone before them firsthand. The dumbing-down in the academic arena is of course calculated, as the ignorant are far easier to control than the educated, a fact to which any former slave owner will attest.

(If one studies the modus operandi of the Democrat Party from the Civil War era up to the 1960s, it’s easy to see that the Democrats – affectionately known amongst black conservatives as “the slave owner’s party” – simply switched gears during the civil-rights movement, transforming their public image from the party of Jim Crow to the party of entitlements. The status quo remained the same, however: Blacks were – and are still – encouraged to remain dependent, ignorant and culturally frustrated.)

One of the largest demographics, but one of the smallest voting blocs is Americans under 30. Eventually, they will move into those demographics of higher influence – meaning that they’ll start to vote. The problem: It has become painfully evident that these folks have no conception whatsoever of sociopolitical history.

By and large, the majority of voting Democrats have been indoctrinated into the pimp’s lie by party leadership: that they, and only they, are the only ones who really love you, the only ones who really care, the only ones who can protect. It’s rough out there in the street, baby … you don’t want to be out there alone.

Which is all they have come to know – other than the opposition being evil incarnate. It’s an old lie, to be sure – Lenin used it – but then, this generation of Democrat voters weren’t around then.

I consider that I received a rather substandard education for the day (in the ’60’s and ’70’s New York public school system), yet I can remember being shown a copy of the 1938 newsreel of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain delivering his infamous “Peace in Our Time” speech on more than one occasion throughout junior high and high school. I remember it being held up by teachers who had lived through the World War II era as exactly what it was: naive arrogance.

Sound familiar?

When conservatives rail about the dark designs the upper echelons of the left have for our nation, swing voters and well-intentioned liberals (as opposed to the ideologues) think we’re being alarmist, but we see them as the Jews of 1930s living in Germany who simply couldn’t bring themselves to believe it could happen here.

And history has given us ample warning.

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