Angst over the shoddy performance of congressional representatives often leads to cries of “Throw the bums out!”

But, alas, when confronted with that opportunity in the voting booth, we get cold feet. When push comes to shove, we really aren’t sure that our bum is all that bad. Could the problem lie with the bums in all the other districts, or could it be that we simply lack the intestinal fortitude to fire someone?

This combination of voter timidity and uncertainty contributes to political longevity, which leads to fat-cat, spendaholic incumbents. They operate like little potentates, free to ignore the wishes of their constituents and put their own self-interests before what is best for the country.

Enter John and Ken – John Kobylt and Ken Champiou – an unabashed talk-show duo on KFI in Los Angeles, who have taken voter anger over illegal immigration to new level by calling for two political human sacrifices – one Democrat and one Republican – in the November election.

The plan is brilliant! By selecting one entrenched congressman from each party to be sacrificed, the current balance of power in the House of Representatives will remain the same if voters in the respective districts go along with the plan.

Throwing the buns out isn’t nearly enough for Kobylt and Champiou. They want them burned at the stake of ridicule, boiled in the oil of voter outrage, tarred with shame and feathered with embarrassment in the process.

The two laid bare the immigration record of every southern California congressman in their vast listening audience. Then, each representative was given the opportunity to come on the air and defend his or her record.

The hosts selected Joe Baca as the Democrat sacrifice. He’s been their “poster child” since he badgered Homeland Security Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson to stop a crack team of inland Border Patrol agents that had rounded up 450 illegal aliens in a two week period.

Kobylt and Champiou then let the audience select the Republican sacrifice from among five GOP veterans. David Dreier, the powerful chairman of the House Rules Committee, was the overwhelming choice. Dreier received a “D” from Americans for Better Immigration. He would not go on the air with the pair, saying he would not “participate in a game show that pits one Republican against another and gives John Kerry and Barbara Boxer a free pass.” That’s the old “everybody’s doing it – why pick on me” excuse.

Dreier also threw out this bone: “I fought to make sure California state taxpayers do not shoulder the burden of illegal immigration, which is a federal issue, because that’s not fair.” Oh, please! Congress makes federal laws and has the responsibility of seeing that those laws are enforced.

Make no mistake, if Californians heed John and Ken’s call to sacrifice Joe Baca and David Dreier, this will be huge! They are in what is known as “safe” districts. They won their 2002 races, getting 67 percent and 64 percent respectively of all votes cast. However, if voters have the courage to sacrifice these two House members – even if it means giving the election to a member of the opposite party – this will send out shock waves on the immigration issue throughout the United States.

It will leave congressmen, who have done little or nothing to help stem the tide of illegal immigrates, quaking in their boots.

This is important! Both Bush and Kerry have promised amnesty to those who have broken into the country illegally. Next year, regardless of who is elected, there will be a lot of pressure from the White House on members of Congress to pass the legislation needed for implementation.

Wish you had a local talk-show host to put the record of your local congressman on display? Don’t despair! Get the report card on Congress from Americans for Better Immigration.

More importantly, ask your representative if he or she is a member of the bipartisan House Immigration Reform Caucus. Of the 435 voting members of the House, there are only 71 members – 68 Republicans and three Democrats. That leaves 364 members who could care less about securing our borders and protecting the interests of American taxpayers.

If you find that your representative is a slacker, call your favorite local talk-show and sound off. Burn your representative at the stake of ridicule and boil him in the oil of outrage!

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