A new Hollywood “black” list has been established – this time highlighting those black entertainers who have been critical of U.S. policy in the war on terror.

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, author of “Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America” and founder of the nonprofit group BOND, announced the start of the “Black” List Campaign.

“I’m sickened by black entertainers who drive $350,000 Bentleys and still cry ‘racism,'” Peterson said in a statement. “Americans of all colors pay to see their movies, and they have the nerve to bash the U.S.? American servicemen and woman watch their shows; yet, they travel to foreign lands and bad mouth our forces? Enough is enough! The goal of the ‘Black’ List Campaign is to expose these people so they can no longer deceive the American public.”

The list includes Spike Lee, Danny Glover, Whoopi Goldberg, Harry Belafonte, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Will Smith, among others.

Peterson mentioned actor Smith, who in a recent interview with a German newspaper responded to a question about whether 9-11 had changed anything for him, saying: “When you grow up black in America you have a completely different view of the world than white Americans. We blacks live with a constant feeling of unease. And whether you are wounded in an attack by a racist cop or in a terrorist attack, I’m sorry, it makes no difference.”

In addition, Peterson cites filmmaker Lee, whose latest movie, “She Hate Me,” aims to smear American business and President Bush.

“I’m very nervous about this election,” Lee is quoted as saying, “because we’re all going to hell if George Bush wins.”

Said Peterson: “Our campaign seeks to educate Americans about the beliefs, statements and actions of these entertainers. The more the American people know, the less likely they are to support or believe these people.”

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