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Terrorism solution: 1-way ticket to paradise

“If we stop fighting the terrorists in Iraq, they would be free to plot and plan attacks elsewhere, in America and other free nations.”

– GeorgeW. Bush, Sept. 23, 2004

Today the U.S. is either a) witnessing one of the most brilliant military strategies in the war on terror, or b) experiencing yet another example of the “Law of Unintended Consequences.”

Whether you’re liberal or conservative, Democrat, Republican or Independent, we are all Americans. And as such, we have a common enemy worldwide that we are at war with: terrorism.

They struck hard on 9-11. Some suggest that our “insensitivity” to the plight of the Arab world caused such action. Others say this hatred has been brewing for years, as the Arab world has always hated the West for religious reasons. To me, it is inconsequential because, like it or not, we are now at war!

At first, we weren’t clear who the enemy was. Then, as the smoke and debris was cleared from the Pentagon and World Trade Center, there emerged an unmistakable fingerprint of the enemy – al-Qaida and a group of other radical Islamic terrorists whose agenda is clear: the annihilation of Israel, the United States and all other “infidels” who would take a stand against their warped, murderous Islamic worldview.

Recently, Islamic terrorists have shown us there is no limit to their cannibalism. They fly planes into buildings, use women and children as suicide bombers, then hold children hostage – shooting them in the back if necessary – to complete their “mission,” their “call” from Allah to rid the world of the “dogs” and “infidels,” in violation of all bounds of human decency.

This enemy without any value of human life, including their own, is now all over the Middle East and the world. We know they are in the Philippines, Indonesia, Chechnya, the United States and Canada. Because they are spread all over the world it is very difficult to eliminate every single one of them.

As the nation of right and wrong, America decided to take on this evil monster called terrorism to preserve our future. We decided to attack Afghanistan and did so very effectively. We eliminated one of the very pillars of terrorism in the form of the Taliban. We sent thousands of terrorists scurrying for the nearest spider hole knowing the power and might of the U.S. military is coming and ain’t going to stop until they eliminate every one of these subhumans or place them in jail so they can no longer “terrorize” the world.

Did we eliminate the threat completely? Of course not. Therefore, the battle in Afghanistan is simply one of many battles that must be fought on the road to defeating the enemy and their destructive violence against mankind.

If I were president, or an international leader, common sense would tell me that the next place you seek to destroy the enemy and those who support terrorism would be Iraq. Why? Forget about WMDs. Forget about biological, nuclear or chemical weapons. Even if Iraq had not one peashooter, I would have attacked, because Saddam was a human-rights maniac. Not because he raped women on the day of their weddings, or because of the torture rooms where unheard-of atrocities where committed. No, I would have gone in for one reason: Saddam was openly and proudly paying U.S. $25,000 to any “Palestinian” (read: Arab) terrorist that would strap on a bomb and kill innocent Jews in the streets of Haifa, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.

Saddam loved to watch people suffer, and to think he didn’t promote, encourage and subsequently pay the consequences for his evil deeds of terrorism is akin to believing Santa Claus is real.

So we attacked. And rightly so. We absolutely decimated his regime. We kicked butt, and the victory was laughably easy to us. But in doing so, we totally humiliated the world of the terrorists. They saw how Saddam – the tough warrior who said he would slay the Great Satan and have their blood run in the streets of Baghdad – was reduced to a rat hiding in a hole.

Military brilliance or unintended consequence?

Now comes the “Law of Unintended Consequences,” or one of the most brilliant plans ever executed by any military planner in the history of war. You see, it now appears Saddam’s defeat was so powerful that terrorists – from Jordan to Saudi Arabia – are rallying to the cries of the defeated radicals in Iraq because their honor is on the line.

Foreign terrorist “insurgents” had to go to protect their “holy shrines” in Iraq, right? Baloney. The holiest cities in the Muslim world are not Sadr City, Fallujah or Tikrit. They are Mecca, Medina and recently added Jerusalem. Nevertheless, thousand of insurgents have come to Iraq to fight the Great Satan. They’re not unhappy Iraqis, they’re Jordanian, Syrian, Iranian, etc. terrorists!

I say the more the merrier. Bring them all to Iraq. I hope every single terrorist in the world feels an absolute holy obligation, a call from Allah if you will, to come to Iraq and become car bombers, suicide bombers and rocket-wielding nut balls.

Why? Simple: You have an enemy that was once scattered throughout the Middle East and the world now coming together all in one place to fight in Iraq, and they therefore can be eliminated at one time, in one way, real simply.

I pray each night for every insane Muslim terrorist who will hear the “holy call” to go and fight in Iraq. Think about it for a moment. How many terrorists are we killing every day in Iraq? Tens, hundreds, thousands? That’s one less terrorist that is somewhere else plotting or coordinating more attacks on freedom-loving people like you and me – which is exactly what G.W. Bush told Prime Minister Ayad Allawi this week.

Whether the military generals have planned it or not, the enemy is now in Iraq, and they can be defeated in large numbers if we just have the guts to let the troops do their job!

The U.S. military could easily do an airdrop of millions of leaflets over Fallujah warning civilians that they have exactly 48 hours to get out. If they have nowhere to go, we can help set up refugee camps, giving the innocent food and shelter. Then we allow the U.S. and coalition forces to go in and level the place, killing everything that moves after the deadline, leveling their mosques, buildings – everything!

The net result: annihilation of the enemy in Iraq, which in turn will likely incite even more outrage in the terrorist world, which will then draw even more of these nut ball terrorists to Iraq to help fight the jihad against the Great Satan, who will meet the same fate as their fellow terrorist we killed the day before.

Iraq could become the official terrorist launching pad to eternity, where they stop by, blow themselves up, pick up their 72 virgins and head for paradise. They should be grateful to the Great Satan. Think of how easy we’re making it for these vermin to get their glory!

Let’s stop kidding ourselves and playing political games on talk radio, TV and op-ed pages. We are at war. In war people die. Sometimes innocent people. That is terrible, but a reality.

I want to remind you while the troops have been fighting these “insurgent” terrorists in Iraq, Americans have been safe in Indiana.

While over 1,000 brave men and women have given their lives in this fight, 285 millions have remained safe and free from attack because the terrorists have their hands full in Iraq.

Everyone agrees: We have to win this war. If we are to do that we must have the courage and the heart to face the reality that people are going to die. We have to come to grips with the fact it is kill or be killed. The terrorists don’t want to negotiate. They want America and Israel to cease to exist.

Are you willing to meet those demands? Me neither! That’s why winning this terrorist war in Iraq is so crucial – it’s a no-brainer!

In fact, I think Americans would be well served to establish a new nonprofit fund that would buy a one-way airline ticket for any Islamic fundamentalist who believes terrorism is a “reasonable choice of weapon” to fight the infidel in Iraq. A one-way ticket back to Iraq. There will be no need to go back home, for they will soon be headed to “paradise.” They can join their brothers to fight and be killed in Iraq – not here in America.

I will be the first to buy a ticket. Any takers?