Focus on the Family has launched a voter education effort targeting Hispanic-Americans.

Using the slogan “I vote values,” the Hispanic Voter Education Initiative seeks to reach voters through Spanish-speaking media, including TV, radio, print and the Web.

Yuri Mantilla is director of International Government Affairs at Colorado-based Focus on the Family.

“We know that 93 percent of our people are Christians,” said Mantilla. “The two pillars of our organization are family and faith. We want to serve our constituents by bringing them the tools they need to vote their values, while mobilizing the Hispanic community into the most powerful pro-family influence in the United States.”

Focus calls the campaign “only the beginning” of a commitment to serve the Hispanic-American population, which it says is “overwhelmingly conservative.”

The organization’s popular daily radio program, hosted by Dr. James Dobson, reaches 220 million listeners in more than 160 countries. Of the United States’ 533 Hispanic radio stations, 187 air the “Enfoque a la Familia” broadcast.

Focus plans to use Spanish-language television spots and programming in its efforts, as well as radio broadcasts and public service announcements. In addition, materials will be distributed through pastors, priests and other religious leaders and via the organization’s Spanish website.

The campaigns goal is to “communicate a message urging Latinos to allow their personal beliefs and core values to guide their votes.”

While Hispanic-Americans are by and large family-oriented Catholics, they traditionally favor the Democratic Party. A recent poll conducted by Latino Opinions, however, shows President Bush trails Sen. John Kerry among Hispanics by just 9 points, an improvement from his showing against Al Gore in 2000. reported the stronger support for Bush was due to his views against abortion.

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