For three decades, I have worked closely with the nation of Israel. I believe the relationship between President George Bush and the nation of Israel is an historic phenomenon. No American president has been more loved than George Bush.

In a recent poll of nations that support Bush, Israel won by a landslide despite the fact that American Jews are supporting Kerry. Israeli Jews would cast their vote for Bush. Only 24 percent said they support Kerry, whereas in the United States some 22 percent say they will vote for Bush.

Why don’t the Israelis like Kerry? Sen. John Kerry, the man who is challenging Bush for the leadership of the free world has not displayed the forthright support of Israel that President Bush has displayed. Kerry has identified himself with the failed policies of former president Bill Clinton that have appeased Palestinian terrorism, bringing death and destruction to Israel.

One manifestation of this is Kerry’s choice of adviser for Israeli affairs, Jay Footlik. A Clinton leftover and long-time supporter of the Oslo accords, Footlik is an advocate of a peace process that has become synonymous with unilateral Israeli concessions.

President Bush is the first president in decades who does not see the settlements as illegal and an obstacle to peace. The reason for that begins with “A,” as in Arafat.

Bush drew a line in the sand from his first day in office, and refused to support the godfather of world terrorism with an invitation to the White House. Arafat was a regular guest at the White House under the Clinton administration.

As I wrote in my book, “The American Prophecies,” just days before George Bush was inaugurated as the 43rd president of the United States, Bill Clinton made a desperate attempt to give Arafat $30 billion dollars, East Jerusalem, 98 percent of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and Palestinian control of the Temple Mount as a land-for-peace package.

This was the only major foreign policy decision made prior to the events of 9-11. One has to wonder if this did not send a clear signal to Osama bin Laden that crime pays.

Another reason Israel loves Bush is moral clarity. Bush believes the Bible, and considers Israel Bible Land. During the last debate, John Kerry tried to play the “Bible card.” He said:

Well, I respect everything that the president has said and certainly respect his faith. I think it’s important and I share it. I think that he just said that freedom is a gift from the Almighty.

Everything is a gift from the Almighty. And as I measure the words of the Bible – and we all do; different people measure different things – the Koran, the Torah, or, you know, Native Americans who gave me a blessing the other day had their own special sense of connectedness to a higher being. And people all find their ways to express it.

I was taught – I went to a church school and I was taught that the two greatest commandments are: Love the Lord, your God, with all your mind, your body and your soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. And frankly, I think we have a lot more loving of our neighbor to do in this country and on this planet.

The only problem is that apparently Mr. Kerry does not know his Bible. Matthew 22:37 does not say, “your body,” not in the King James Version, not in the Catholic Bible. Israel doesn’t consider the Koran the same as the Torah.

How well Israelis remember the SCUD missiles that flew over their cities during the first Persian Gulf War in 1991. They also remember Saddam saying that WMDs would be loaded into the warheads of those missiles. Those in Israel who have lost loved ones in suicide bombing attacks also remember that it was Saddam, the benefactor, who bestowed $25,000 on Palestinian families who would give a child to blow up Jews in Israel.

However, it seems that newspapers in America have made a deliberate attempt to deny the American public the good news from Iraq:

  • Over 400,000 kids have up-to-date immunizations.

  • School attendance is up 80 percent from levels before the war.

  • Over 1,500 schools have been renovated and rid of the weapons that were stored there. Now, education can move forward.

  • Girls are allowed to attend school.

  • Students are taught field-sanitation and hand-washing techniques to prevent the spread of germs.

  • Textbooks that do not mention Saddam Hussein are in schools for the first time in 30 years.

  • The port of Uhm Qasar was renovated so grain from ships can be off-loaded faster.

  • Iraq had its first 2-billion barrel export of oil in August.

  • Over 4.5 million people have clean drinking water for the first time ever.

  • Iraq now receives two times the electrical power it did before the war.

  • 100 percent of the hospitals are open and fully staffed, compared to 35 percent before the war.

  • Elections are taking place in every major city, and city councils are in place.

  • Sewer and water lines are installed in every major city.

  • Over 60,000 police are patrolling the streets.

  • Over 100,000 Iraqi civil-defense police are securing the country.

  • Over 80,000 Iraqi soldiers are patrolling the streets side-by-side with U.S. soldiers.

  • Over 400,000 people have telephone lines for the first time ever.

  • An interim constitution has been signed.

Ten newspapers worldwide participated in the poll on the war in Iraq. The vast majority of the peoples interviewed stated that they thought the war in Iraq was a mistake. The majority in Israel said they supported the war in Iraq. No nation knows better than Israel that defeating terror is a difficult task, and no people know better than the Israelis the good Bush has done in Iraq.

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