Under oath, in a videotaped deposition obtained by WorldNetDaily, Sen. John Kerry’s chief Iranian-American fund-raiser repudiated the presidential candidate’s policy of accommodation toward Tehran, declaring the Islamic regime should not be trusted with nuclear materials.

Readers can view two versions of the deposition, available exclusively at WND.

The entire deposition, which lasts one hour and five minutes, is available in broadband quality for $7.50. The payment helps to cover bandwidth costs and ensures this explosive evidence reaches as many people as possible. The unedited tape is presented in its entirety with no commentary and is an exact copy of the shocking deposition. Those making the purchase will be given access for 48 hours with unlimited viewings.

Purchase access to the deposition. Note: The purchase system uses PayPal, but you don’t need to have a PayPal account to gain access to the video. After the purchase has gone through, click on “Access Content” to view the deposition. To watch it again, return to this page and click on purchase link again to log in (you will not be charged again).

The other option is to view a much shorter, edited version of the deposition for no charge.

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