A short 56 years have passed since Israel established its independence. Initially, the very triumph of this tiny democratic state, against insurmountable odds, evoked the respect of the free world. However, the tide has turned with a new wave of anti-Semitism taking hold across the globe.

Western Europe, with the support of the United Nations, is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to appease the Arab world by casting Israel adrift. Their sinister inclinations were clearly demonstrated by last summer’s vote of the General Assembly – 96 percent opposed Israel’s right of self-defense via their declaration of the security fence as being “illegal.” For a number of reasons, both strategic and altruistic, the United States has remained steadfast in its support of Israel.

Unfortunately, the greatest threat to both Israel’s survival and world peace may actually come from the United States. A major crusade is currently under way to subvert America’s longstanding support of the Jewish state. The poisoned seeds of hatred and intolerance are deeply embedded in the doctrine spewing forth from a radical fringe element of the Democratic Party. Of greater concern is the realization that these same degenerative “activists” have actually seized control of the party – more evidence in support of the conclusion that the philosophical orientation of John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman and Franklin D. Roosevelt is dead.

Sen. John Kerry presents a clear and imminent danger to both the security of our world and Israel’s very existence. He appropriately sports the label of being the most liberal senator on the Hill. As a power-hungry, self-serving opportunist with “global” aspirations, the senator stands to gain international recognition for endorsing the socialistic agenda of his left-wing base – an ideology which he obviously holds close to his own heart. Consider the following:



  • While speaking before a pro-Palestinean audience, Sen. Kerry favored tearing down Israel’s security fence.


  • Kerry’s position with respect to Iran’s quest for nuclear arms was reinforced during the first presidential debate – he advocated providing nuclear fuel to the Iranians, a moronic proposal, at best, to test the friendship of a nation sworn to the destruction of Israel and Western culture.


  • Hassan Nemazee, an Iranian American, with ties to Iran’s ruling Islamic government, recently testified to contributing over $500,000 to Kerry’s presidential campaign.


  • Not only has the senator been endorsed as the candidate of choice by every major terrorist organization, he has also been chosen by the leaders of those nations which continue to harbor terrorists.


  • Last week, John Kerry picked up the endorsement of Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority.


  • Kerry stands in opposition to the development of nuclear bunker-busting technology – this tactical weapon serves as our single greatest deterrent to first strikes from non-suicidal enemies. As evidenced by satellite imagery, several of Iran’s nuclear complexes have been constructed over 140 feet below the Earth’s surface.


  • Iran is expected to go critical, in terms of atomic capabilities, within a few short months – rest assured that Israel will not allow this to happen. Considering the potential for widespread involvement, Kerry is clearly not the man to lead during a crises of such potential magnitude, for he lacks the leadership qualities and international experience to make the necessary decisions.


  • Kerry voted against the Patriot missile – a weapon that was successfully deployed to defend Israel against Hussein’s incoming Scuds, during the Gulf War.


  • When Kerry speaks of “rejoining the League of Nations,” he is really calling for our submission to a higher authority, namely the United Nations. No decisions of national security should ever be subjected to his concept of a “global test.” Subscribing to Kerry’s ideology would undermine our “superpower” status and prevent us from initiating preemptive strikes against our ruthless and determined enemies. The state of Israel wouldn’t have survived if it had waited for approval of the Six Day War from the Arab League of Nations before initiating a preemptive strike.


  • Kerry lacks the respect and support of our military forces. The latest poll indicates that less than 15 percent of our servicemen would support him as their commander in chief. In fact, it is rumored that significant numbers of soldiers are awaiting election results before re-enlisting – they have no confidence in the senator and will refuse to serve. It is Kerry – not President Bush – who would be forced to reinstate the draft.


  • The Fraternal Order of Police, representing over 315,000 members, recently demanded that Sen. Kerry stop misrepresenting their support. According to their president, Chuck Canterbury, the nation’s largest police organization actually supports the candidacy of President Bush.


In contrast to Kerry’s troubled past and propensity to outsource our nation’s sovereignty, President Bush stands strong as a decisive leader, man of conviction and staunch supporter of Israel. The president is a man of action, and unlike Kerry, is not a crafty wordsmith who changes positions to suit the ears of his audience.

The Bush administration has taken full responsibility for the war in Iraq. It is the Islamic rebels who have found themselves in the midst of an Iraqi “quagmire” for they have been successfully drawn to the battleground of our choice. One must consider the strong words of support spoken by known leaders and analysts like Ed Koch, Tommy Franks, Bernard Kerik, Dick Morris, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Tony Blair, John Howard and Ariel Sharon. Unprecedented as it may appear, Democratic Sens. Joseph Lieberman, Conn., and Charles Schumer, N.Y., recently endorsed the president’s policies with respect to our nation’s war on terrorism.

As a twist-of-fate, Israel’s very future may rest in the hands of “impressionable” Jewish voters in Florida and the Northeast. They will be faced with the clear choice of casting a vote of betrayal … or one of conscience. Imagine having a clear-minded Jew cast a vote for the presidential candidate who has received endorsements from Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic Jihad, the Iranian mullahs, and Arafat’s Palestinian Authority.

It will be far too late, on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) to repent for choosing to betray the courageous president who has stood so strong – against growing opposition – in his support for Israel. The liberals, amongst us aspire to be citizens of the world and place lesser significance on patriotism and religious heritage. However, the ramifications of a Kerry presidency may leave them yearning for better times.

Our nation can’t afford to speculate on an unproven leader during a time of war. Former N.Y. police commissioner Bernard Kerik recently stated that “the choice of candidates is clear, for only one stands out as a leader who can be trusted with your family’s safety. Before laying your head down for a night’s sleep, consider your offspring and the ultimate significance of your vote.” Kerry’s past decisions and actions speak louder than his “nuanced” rhetoric. The man’s predilection to betray our nation and his own “Band of Brothers” serves as a strong reminder of what we can anticipate in terms of his future performance. Don’t forget that those men who know him best, his wartime comrades, consider him “unfit to command.”

Don’t betray your president or your people. It is time to cast a decisive vote driven by both intellect and conscience. It is time to vote for the man who stands by We the People, as Americans, and as members of the Jewish community. It is time to stand by George W. Bush.


Jeffrey Epstein is the media relations director for Vietnam Veterans for the Truth.


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