The Kerry campaign is fuming about Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto’s comment that he thought he saw a Kerry-Edwards button on Osama bin Laden in the recent videotape of the terror leader.

According to CBS News, Cavuto, who the network says has contributed to President Bush, made the crack Friday following the broadcast of bin Laden’s new videotaped message meant for the American people.

A guest on Cavuto’s business show, “Your World,” reportedly said the tape was not an endorsement of Kerry.

Cavuto responded: “He’s all but doing that. I thought I saw a button.”

The Boston Globe reported John Sasso, a Kerry aide, threatened to kick a Fox producer off the Democrat’s campaign plane unless an apology was issued. The threat eventually was dropped.

“It was an outrageous comment that should never been made, at a time when America’s national security is at stake,” Kerry spokeswoman Stephaine Cutter told the Globe.

Paul Schur, a spokesman for Fox, told the Washington Post: “The matter has been resolved and we continue to travel with Kerry.”

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