The results are now in from outside U.S. borders, as foreigners hand Sen. John Kerry a landslide victory of 77 percent of the vote.

As WorldNetDaily reported non-Americans from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe were given the chance to sound off on their choice in the U.S. presidential race over the Internet by a London-based website. allowed residents of other countries to cast ballots in a non-binding opinion poll featuring seven presidential wannabes: George W. Bush, John Kerry, Michael Badnarik, Michael Peroutka, Walt Brown, David Cobb and Ralph Nader.

GlobalVote2004 reports it logged over 700,000 visitors over the past three weeks, with one person voting every second at peak times. The website recorded over 113,552 votes from 191 countries.

The top voting countries were Germany, with 32,315 votes, the United Kingdom, with 17,641 votes, Canada, with 8,587 votes, and Poland, with 7,829 votes cast.

Overall, President Bush won just 9 percent of the vote, compared to 77.1 percent for Kerry and 6.7 percent for Nader.

While Kerry virtually swept Asia, Australia, Canada, Central & South America and Europe, according to the results posted online, the race tightened in the Middle East where Bush nabbed 37 percent to Kerry’s 45.6 percent.

GlobalVote2004 says it’s politically neutral, not sponsored by any party, and participants were allowed to vote only once, with choices kept secret.

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