A Saudi cleric has hammered the U.S. one-man-one-vote system on Arab television, saying an “idiot” doesn’t deserve the same say as an intelligent American.

The Muslim cleric’s comments were part of an interview translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute TV Monitor Project, or MEMRI TV.

During the interview, which was broadcast in Saudi Arabia and UAE, the TV host asks the cleric: “Liberty and human rights make some Muslims angry. Why does this term make them angry?”

Responds Saleh Al-Munajid: “If you compare un-Islamic regimes, some of them would be bad and the others would be worse. It is a known fact. For instance, if you compare between a tyrannical, evil, oppressing regime and Western democracy – which is better? Western democracy is better. But is it our dream come true? No!

“Take the issue of elections, for instance. What do you think of a voting system like the American one that gives a physician, an intellectual, an astronaut, an intelligent person and the head of the family, a vote that has the same weight as the vote of an ignorant, a fool, an idiot, an imbecile, a hippy, a bum, an unemployed man, who has no diploma, culture, or brains. What is this?!”

The cleric is then asked about globalization and the Westernization of Muslims.

“The problem is that globalization now comes from the others to us. Therefore, we [Muslims] are being globalized, and not globalizing others. We want to turn the tables.”

Al-Munajid concludes the video clip with criticism of Western hairstyles that have infected the Muslim world:

“My brother, there is the crab haircut, the lion haircut, the mouse haircut. … They didn’t leave out a single haircut. Nowadays, we hear amazing things. It’s no longer just the barbershop chair. They are leisure salons and coiffure – coiffure which is explicitly for men. They dye hair and put on makeup, as the viewer had mentioned, and there is the third sex, and the fourth… Westernization is very clear. Today when a young man leaves a barbershop you can’t tell which planet or country he came from, because of the haircuts and makeup. Some leave the barbershop with hair that looks like a thorn bush, others look like a jinn. Allah said about the Zaqoum tree (in hell) that it looks like the heads of demons, and this young man’s head also looks like the head of demons. This is Westernization and the loss of identity.”

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