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California 'world's largest
killing place'?

A leading pro-family group in California is warning of a dire future in that state now that voters passed Proposition 71, which funds stem-cell research and embryo cloning to the tune of $3 billion.

Prop. 71, dubbed by opponents as the “clone and kill” bond measure, passed the Golden State by a 59 to 41 percent margin Tuesday.

Randy Thomasson is executive director of the Campaign for California Families.

“Cloning and destroying human beings is immoral, no matter how young their development,” said Thomasson in a statement. “Human beings have less value when we award someone a license to clone and kill others. Prop. 71 makes the people pay biotech companies an unprecedented $3 billion to engage in unethical human experimentation. Embryonic stem-cell research goes against the time-honored medical ethics before Christ in the Hippocratic Oath and reaffirmed in the Nuremberg Code after Hitler’s atrocities.”

Thomasson pointed out that years of stem-cell research has not yielded any medical successes, saying instead, “the harvesting of human embryos for their stem cells has resulted in rejections, mutations and tumors.

“If we want to cure diseases, we should invest in adult and cord blood stem-cell research, which doesn’t harm anyone and to date has produced more than 74 medical breakthroughs.”

The activist claims voters didn’t realize what they were voting for and were “snookered” by a slick TV-ad campaign.

Said Thomasson: “Californians didn’t know they were voting in favor of cloning and dissecting the youngest human beings, something the overwhelming majority of people find morally reprehensible.”

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, had a similar reaction to the proposition’s passage, saying California is now “headed down a path of death and destruction.”

“With the passage of this deadly initiative, California is poised to become the world’s largest killing place,” said Brown. “We urge all Californians who respect the dignity of every human being’s life to speak out against and begin immediate steps to overturn this measure, which endorses the wholesale killing of the youngest members of the human family.”

The proposition was supported by many state officials, including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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