Maybe I should have titled this “Seeing Red” as I watch the morning-after crowd on the big three networks choking back tears and clinging to unfounded notions of a post-facto miracle.

Face it folks: John Kerry and the lunatic left media elite have lost – “George Bush Wins.”

The discussion this morning on the “big three” was all about John Kerry. What went wrong? How did we lose? That seemed to be the direction of most of the conversation.

I turned to Fox News where the topic was more appropriately directed at the fact that President Bush had won an unprecedented second term with overwhelming numbers of states, popular votes, electoral votes, etc.

Thankfully we will not have a protracted vote count and gut-wrenching court battles this time out. America has spoken loudly and with significant unity – the drift away from our moral values and founding principles must come to an end.

We must take note that this election didn’t turn on the war on terror, and it wasn’t the “economy stupid” – it was the issue of moral values that led Catholics and evangelicals to turn out in record numbers to fend of the frenzied foibles of left-wing encroachment on our society.

The mandate for the president’s re-election has little to do with Iraq, jobs, health care or any of the touted leading topics. A dozen states voted to reject homosexual marriage, and Floridians voted to secure parental notification for underage children seeking abortions – making it fairly clear that these subjects are paramount in the minds of many of our fellow citizens.

Republicans gained in the House and Senate, picked up more governorships and state legislatures. Property rights won a victory in Oregon and nothing the elite media did, with all their bias and unfair reporting could overcome the will of Americans to unite under the banner of family values freedom and moral sanity.

I hear the Democrats and media mavens spouting off to their audiences the message they want President Bush to deliver: Unity. They say the president should “reach out” to the left and offer an olive branch to the losing factions in this election.

Might I suggest to them that if it’s unity they seek then it is they who must lunge back toward the center. It’s the left that needs to stop tearing away at the fabric of America. It’s the left who need to accept their defeat with grace and poise. It’s the left who need to stop pretending that they are the social and political center. They need to admit to themselves that Americans have rejected their anti-American rhetoric in favor of more traditional ideals.

Our work is cut out for us as we take on a second-term Republican administration with absolute control of both the House and Senate. At no time in our history have we had a better opportunity to restore our republic and resurrect the powerful concepts that made America the greatest nation on Earth.

I feel that divine intervention is responsible for the blessings we received today. The hand of providence has once again protected America from the deceptions of evil men and we have been given yet one more chance to get it right.

Now, let’s get it right!

Limited government, private-property rights, self-reliance and rugged individualism are key components of freedom. We have drifted well away from the core meaning of these principles and must engage our forces immediately in order to secure the moorings of this great ship of state and regain the power that our founding fathers prescribed for us in order that we could live free and achieve greatness as a people.

The media elite and the loony left are now drowning inn the sea of red that makes up those political maps. They have lost the war and their base is completely demoralized. The grand defection has them baffled, and while they struggle to identify why they are being summarily rejected by most Americans, we must seize the moment and pour on the steam.

Now is not the time for Republicans and President Bush to “reach out.” Now is the time to convert, recruit, capitalize, build on and take advantage of the moment. It’s time for President Bush and all Republican leaders to charge full speed ahead on issues relevant to helping America recover from years of moral erosion and decay.

Use technology to downsize these gargantuan bureaucracies of the state and federal governments. Use the Internet to bring an Ivy League education into the homes of all of America’s children who seek higher education – and do it at a low cost, removing the worries parents now struggle with regarding college costs. Let people use that money for retirement, health care, whatever. We just don’t need to support all those taxpayer-funded institutions anymore.

Offer similar opportunities on the public education front. Let the free market come up with tailored curriculum that gives parents educational choices and shut down the left-wing indoctrination camps we now call public schools.

Stop teaching “jobs” skills and start preaching innovation, entrepreneurship, self reliance and leadership.

Bring some sanity to environmental and conservation issues by rewriting the Endangered Species Act to reflect the needs of the human animal in the equation.

Throw out those voting machines, mailings, punch cards, etc. and go to a numbered, three-part paper ballot with hand counts at the precincts to measure against computer counts and a voter receipt that can be checked later by the voter to ensure honest election results.

Dump the regressive tax system and move to a consumption tax or some other fair and equitable method that removes the requirements for individual reporting and potential legal consequences. There is no reason to continue to prop up a failed process that promotes senseless divisions of Americans based on income levels. America was founded by men who abhorred a caste system. “All men are created equal.” “No man is above the law.”

This single act will resonate across the land and solve numerous problems. The gay marriage issue, for example, will likely disappear as the tax code won’t adversely affect people who make alternative lifestyle choices. The demand for altering thousands of years of tradition won’t be seen as a necessity and the motivation to alter the structure of family just won’t exist.

Restore parental rights and get the government out of the child-rearing business. Create incentives for parents who raise moral, respectful and law-abiding children and severely penalize those who try to pass their responsibilities on to the rest of society.

Restore the family by rejecting the “no-fault” divorce laws. Hold people accountable for the decisions and choices they make. Make it harder to get married, and even harder to divorce – and watch the divorce rates in this country plummet overnight.

I could go on for hours discussing ways to make America a better place. But our founders gave us a pretty good outline in the Constitution and God gave us a fairly good road map with the Holy Bible. Now we have a second chance to prove we are worthy of the blessings. The question is, will America see it for what it is or will we miss the boat?

Sen. Kerry is on the television now, whining about unity and common ground in his concession speech.

If you want unity and compassion Sen. Kerry, then you reach out. You extend the olive branch. You back down from your rigid socialist ideals. You give some ground and respect the mandate the moral majority has given President Bush.

Just say uncle.

Bush wins!

And so does America if the president manages to heed the will of the people.

Roger Fredinburg is a veteran syndicated radio host. His three-hour radio show is heard coast to coast from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., seven days a week. The syndicator is Talk One Radio Networks.
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