A new movement dedicated to preventing California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger from becoming president was announced today.

Americans Against Arnold says a national movement has begun to “stop Arnold Schwarzenegger and his political operatives from destroying the U.S. Constitution.”

An effort is under way in the U.S. Congress to amend Article 2, Clause 5 of the Constitution to allow foreign-born Americans ascend to the highest office in the land, and it’s not secret that the move is being made for the benefit of Schwarzenegger, perhaps for a presidential run as early as 2008. The governor was born in Austria.

“Arnold has said for decades that he wants to amend the Constitution so he can be president,” says a statement from the group. “Now, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Senator Orrin Hatch and others have introduced legislation known in Congress as ‘Arnold Bills’ to give Schwarzenegger what he wants.”

Americans Against Arnold founder Alex Jones stated: “Arnold ‘s already running for president. His operatives have been dominating the airwaves, despite the fact that in major polls 80-plus percent of Americans don’t want to change the Constitution so he can be president.

Jones’ loathing of Schwarzenegger is clear:

“This narcissistic megalomaniac would have control of the nuclear launch codes if he were president – just think about that. From defending known Nazi Kurt Waldheim, using illegal drugs and sexually harassing women, I’ve never heard of a politician coated in this much slime.”

The organization plans to run media ads to communicate what it calls the “real nature of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the clear and present danger he represents to American sovereignty.”

Warns Jones: “Make no mistake: Arnold and his minions intend for him to run in 2008. Congressman Rohrabacher told the San Jose Mercury-News on Nov. 3 that Republican leadership believes Arnold has turned the tide and that they want him for president ‘when Bush is done.'”

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