Iran’s secret uranium enrichment site, revealed this week by an Iranian opposition group, is housed below a luxury development complex in which civilians live, military sources told WorldNetDaily.

The National Council for Resistance, a grass-roots Iranian organization, said Tehran was producing enriched uranium and testing biological and chemical warfare projects at a secret plant in northeast Iran which had not been disclosed to United Nations inspectors.


Military sources say the nuclear plant is hidden many feet below a development of luxury villas in the Iranian suburb of Nour in the Lavizan district of northeast Tehran. They say families of Iranian diplomats and top employees of Iran’s Modern Defensive Readiness and Technology Center live in the villas, which contain entrances to a subterranean nuclear facility used to produce weapons-grade uranium and test chemical and biological warfare agents.

“If the U.S. or Israel wanted to hit these facilities, they’d have to target actual homes,” one source told WorldNetDaily.

Muhammad Mohaddessin, a senior official of the National Council, said the group had shared the new information “very recently” with the International Atomic Energy Agency, and said inspection of the site revealed by his group would demonstrate that Iran is secretly trying to produce nuclear weapons even while promising to freeze a critical part of its declared nuclear program, which it claims is intended for civilian purposes only.

U.N. inspectors “should not be fooled or deceived by the Iranian regime,” Mohaddessin said.

Hossein Mousavian, Foreign Policy Committee secretary at Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said yesterday the National Council’s disclosures were propaganda. “It is a well-timed lie as well. The group wants to make another fuss ahead of the IAEA board meeting on November 25,” said Mousavian. “They want to poison the board’s atmosphere.”

The National Council, based in Paris, is the political arm of the People’s Mujahedeen which is listed by the U.S. State Department as a foreign terrorist organization because of its involvement in attacks on Americans in the 1970s. But the group has in the past accurately revealed the location of several secret nuclear sites in Iran, and is taken very seriously by U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies.

If the disclosure proves accurate, it may increase pressure on America and Israel to take decisive action against Iran.

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